Rayne (OTY)

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Bloodrayne 1 (2002)



Bloodrayne 2 (2004)

Bloodrayne Betrayal (2011)

(Bonus raven form)

Rayne (Bloodrayne)

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Rayne is a dhampir. She has been around for hundreds of years. Although she was created by Kagan to serve in his elite vampire army Rayne has spurned her figurative “father” and she spends her time hunting down underlings who serve Kagan in attempts to destroy Kagan himself. She goes by the call sign “Agent Bloodrayne”.

Rayne has changed appearances quite a few times over the years, but her signature dual blades have remained the same. She has used unique bloodline guns and is highly proficient with most firearms. Rayne also has a few supernatural abilities which have evolved over time that she uses to help her track down and kill her vampire brethren. Some of these abilities can slow down time, or speed up time. They can also help Rayne locate enemies via heat signature through barriers. More recently Rayne has gained the ability to turn into a winged bird. This ability was given to her by a friend.

She has stopped Kagan from turning the world into a living hell more than once, and helped kill off a significant portion of the Nazi’s and halted some of their hell raising experiments. Like other vampires Rayne is still weak when faced with sunlight or water and will suffer damage if exposed to either. She can recover health by sucking blood from other creatures.

Over time her appearance or weapons might change but her mission doesn’t. Rayne will not rest until Kagan is truly destroyed.

Bloodrayne Betrayal MiniR

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Bloodrayne Betrayal is an animated 2d hack and slash. It is a big departure from the first two games in the series (feels much more like castlevania now) but it is still fun. Rayne returns to cut her way through hordes of monsters and descend into the underworld. It has been simplified a lot compared to the older games which can be good or bad depending on what you are looking for. Some of the platforming parts are extremely tricky and it might be hit or miss with returning fans, but if you can find it cheaply it is still an entertaining entry in the Bloodrayne series.

Bloodrayne Betrayal Overview

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Bloodrayne Betrayal is the third game in the Bloodrayne series. There are significant changes to a lot of the overall design of the game style.

The first and most obvious change is the graphics. Betrayal has switched from the older third person gameplay style camera to a 2.5D style setting. Betrayal looks much more like a Castlevania game now than it looks like a tomb raider/legacy of kain game. Rayne herself has undergone an overhaul and now looks a lot more cartoonish. She has a cell shaded anime look to her instead of the older more classic look. Rayne still has a costume that is reminiscent of her older style armor from the first two games but the new armor covers a bit more of her.

Rayne now has three major weapons to pick from, the default blades which most fans will recognize from the older games in the series, the pistol (which is only a single pistol now instead of the dual pistols from BR2), and the sun gun which is an entirely new weapon that has been introduced in Betrayal. The weapons themselves are pretty straightforward and don’t really have any special moves to them. The sword has some combos depending on which direction you hold before you attack but there are no longer any finishing moves like there were in BR1 or BR2. The pistol has a limited amount of bullets (which are pretty powerful) and the bullets can also pierce through multiple enemies. The sun gun/beam is a new weapon that has a very wide beam but is kind of slow. It does less damage overall but it has infinite ammunition and it can be fired in almost any direction which makes it pretty versatile. You can also use the sunbeam to propel yourself in left or right if you are floating on an object.

You can increase the number of bullets Rayne can store by collecting hidden artifacts that are scattered around the levels. You can also increase the maximum amount of health Rayne has. When you collect a certain amount of vampire artifacts the game will pause and you will be given a choice of whether you want more bullets or more health. You can pick whichever one you want, but once you have unlocked the maximum number of upgrades it will no longer offer that choice. I think it was something like every fours skulls found gives you an upgrade. Some of them can be pretty tricky to get to though (think of the heart tanks in Megaman X). Also similar to Megaman X is the new wall hopping ability and the air dash. There’s a normal dash as well and you can execute a pretty impressive backflip if you get the timing down right. Sometimes you will be forced to complete certain moves in order to continue on in the level which can be a pain if you are having trouble with a particular move that you are required to pull off.

You can kill some of the enemies by knocking them into environmental traps. Sometimes you will have to in order to progress farther in the level (which can be really annoying if you can’t get the combo down right). Some of the doors will only be opened once you have fed a certain number of enemies into the gears. You can also hop on enemies that will damage them and you can hop around in order to access new areas that would normally not be available.

For the first time in the Bloodrayne series you can shape shift. The new form is incredibly useful but they have placed barriers at certain points to prevent you from using it and making it too easy. There is one particular section that is incredibly hard without it. Anyone who has beaten it will remember the super long hopping section in the middle of the game that is super frustrating because it all boils down to timing.

You unlock some abilities and the sunbeam later in the game, so it might be really difficult (might even be impossible) to get some of the hidden upgrades before you have completely finished the game. You can replay any of the levels with the upgrades once you have unlocked them.

The story is very decently paced. It has about 20 levels overall which start off small but then get longer and harder. Rayne has her usual sarcastic charm and wit but there aren’t any voice actors, just comic book style text comments. The story is pretty straightforward. Rather similar to an early Castlevania in that regard. Except instead of going up you go down (lol). I got the game quite cheaply in a humble bundle and got 5-6 hours worth of playtime out of it and for the most part enjoyed it. There is also a decent amount of replay value if you are a trophy hunter or go hunting for all the bonus collectibles.

Betrayal has some very interesting music, with a much more Gothic feel compared to either of the first two games. The music totally fits the scene, and complements the game pretty well although it often sounds pretty similar. The graphics in Betrayal aren’t terribly impressive, and there is almost nothing you can configure in the settings so I guess the game just stretches to match the rendered resolution. It doesn’t look bad at all considering it’s fixed at a particular resolution.

There is a bonus art gallery and a fun alternate soundtrack that can be unlocked.

It is a pretty big change from the previous two games but honestly I think it is nice that the formula has been changed because the older games can get extremely repetitive.

Arno Dorian (AC:Unity)

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Arno is the main character in Assassin’s Creed Unity.  He is a little uncertain of his true path…and his methods are often frowned upon but he will definitely get the job done. His relationship with Elise only makes things more complicated. They work very well together though.


Arno kid bonus (AC:Rogue render)

The Templar Armor (AC:Rogue)

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One of the final unlockable armors that can be acquired in Assassins Creed Rogue (and perhaps one of the most annoying ones).

Here is what it looks like in its final resting place.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Hovering gun glitch (AC:Rogue)

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As I was wandering the upper halls I walked into an empty office and encountered this remarkable sight. Talk about weird omens…looks like a colt 1911 variant?

I think it makes a brief reappearance at the end of the game.