Jurassic Park The Game Overview


This is a telltale game that seems to take place during the events of the first movie. You control another set of characters who are also trapped on the island and are trying to find a way off / survive. There is a vet and his visiting daughter, a scientist, and a pair of mercenaries who have been sent to rescue people still stuck on the island. There are also two other characters who have been sent in to recover a certain can of shaving cream containing precious cargo. The game introduces them all separately but they meet up and have to work together to survive.

In a similar fashion to other telltale games, this game is split up into different chapters. Also similar is the method of interacting with the game. You click on an item of interest that is highlighted with an action key and the character will investigate it. Generally you will have to interact with the scenario and investigate certain items in a certain sequence in order to continue with the story. there is only one correct solution to a problem. if you get it wrong often the puzzle will reset, or nothing will happen, or sometimes you will be killed.

It is mostly trial and error although i have found that it will occasionally glitch. It only glitched for me once…and replaying that particular scenario fixed it. It was that scenario in the jungle where you had to steal the radio from Nima with the poison bite. I had clicked on so many actions the radio literally just disappeared and it was impossible to complete the scenario. No matter which chapter you pick you will get to play most if not all of the characters which is pretty neat. There was also a diverse selection of locations to pick from. aside from interacting with the environment the rest of the actions were carried out in the form of QTE events.

I think they really went overboard and forced too many events. They could appear at any time during a cutscene without warning , and if you missed one it often led to instant death. The scenarios graded you based on how many events you completed successfully. you were awarded gold, silver, or bronze medals for the scenario. Surprisingly there were no trophies for the chapter medals but most of the trophies relied on you getting the QTE event correct. For some reason the buttons were less sensitive on the controller but easier to follow and read, the controls on controller felt more natural. On PC the buttons were a bit harder to understand and string together but the buttons were much less sensitive and needed fewer taps to reach the required threshold.

The game graphics were not very impressive, if you have played any other Telltale game then you more or less know what to expect graphics wise. The story is quite enjoyable and pretty easy to follow. For a Jurassic Park fan this is a pretty good game that does a great job of making you feel immersed in that world. It is a fairly short but solid game. Aside from getting the gold medals there really isn’t much replay value. There is a set of bonus journals that get unlocked once you finish the game. It can be a real challenge recommending a good Jurassic Park game (the only other one I can honestly think of is Chaos Island but I really doubt that has aged well). If you can get past the rather annoying QTE then I would definitely recommend this one. It has very low hardware requirements and has an enjoyable story.


~ by kain243 on May 8, 2016.

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