Rayne (Bloodrayne)


Rayne is a dhampir. She has been around for hundreds of years. Although she was created by Kagan to serve in his elite vampire army Rayne has spurned her figurative “father” and she spends her time hunting down underlings who serve Kagan in attempts to destroy Kagan himself. She goes by the call sign “Agent Bloodrayne”.

Rayne has changed appearances quite a few times over the years, but her signature dual blades have remained the same. She has used unique bloodline guns and is highly proficient with most firearms. Rayne also has a few supernatural abilities which have evolved over time that she uses to help her track down and kill her vampire brethren. Some of these abilities can slow down time, or speed up time. They can also help Rayne locate enemies via heat signature through barriers. More recently Rayne has gained the ability to turn into a winged bird. This ability was given to her by a friend.

She has stopped Kagan from turning the world into a living hell more than once, and helped kill off a significant portion of the Nazi’s and halted some of their hell raising experiments. Like other vampires Rayne is still weak when faced with sunlight or water and will suffer damage if exposed to either. She can recover health by sucking blood from other creatures.

Over time her appearance or weapons might change but her mission doesn’t. Rayne will not rest until Kagan is truly destroyed.


~ by kain243 on March 6, 2016.

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