Metal Slug 3

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Metal Slug 3 is a fun 2D game that is part of a series. The Metal Slug series I played was mostly in arcades (and I really wonder how many quarters I lost to them). The Metal Slug series was later ported to home consoles, and this is the steam PC port.

The game is a run and gun game that is somewhat similar to Contra/Hard Corps Uprising and Double Dragon. It has pretty simple controls and a selection of four players to choose from. It would have been nice to have full four player co-op (like TMNT4) but the series as a whole has only had two player co-op. There are two female characters to choose from and 2 male characters to choose from.

The graphics aren’t terribly impressive. Not by today’s standards certainly, and even when they first came out they were still kind of cartoony. The backgrounds are always moving and there are things which sometimes cause interactive situations on screen. The background animations have a lot more going on than one would expect from a game at this level. They have vastly more happening than contra or street fighter or other games from this time period. The enemies on screen also have pretty entertaining animations and reactions to the player.

The game itself is fairly short. There are only about 6 levels. Other Metal Slug games have a similar number of missions. Metal Slug 3 adds a bit more variation to the series by allowing players to branch off and go down one of two paths for added bonuses and more fun levels. If you are playing on a home console with unlimited continues then the game might seem a lot shorter (I beat it in about 2-3 hours). At the arcade though, the game felt like a lot longer because it was pretty hard and there wasn’t an endless supply of quarters. The bosses feel extremely overpowered. Even in two player co-op things are still pretty hard. Having a full supply of grenades and a heavy machine gun item drop every time you respawn helps a lot. It’s pretty easy to die in the Metal Slug games.

You have many different guns to choose from, which you get from saving POW’s or destroying certain enemies. There are also vehicles that you can use (tanks, camels, jetpacks, airplanes etc) which all have their own special guns and abilities which definitely make the game a lot easier.

After you have beaten the game in arcade mode you can go back and play each individual mission with special objectives and compete for highest scores.

On PC there are some special advanced options you can control. You can change the resolution, and you can specify what kind of advanced filter you want to use which will significantly improve the overall quality of the game. If you have used ZSNES or Higan or ePSXE you will probably be pretty familiar with the filters and have a good idea of how they affect the quality. The Metal Slug games have extremely low hardware requirements. They ran extremely well on an older dual core laptop with Intel HD graphics.

The Metal Slug Anthology on consoles might definitely be a better value, but if you are looking for online (or local) co-op fun then it is well worth getting this on steam as it is pretty hard to find good co-op games on PC. It’s especially hard to find ones that allow for same screen/split screen co-op. The game worked perfectly well with my Logitech F510 and Xbox One controller.


~ by kain243 on December 25, 2015.

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