Titanfall Overview

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Titanfall is a competitive online game from the developers of Call of Duty. It is a fast paced FPS style shooter that is pretty similar to Call of Duty multiplayer (not surprising considering who developed it).

Titanfall has many different gameplay modes to choose from, but in the time I’ve had it (since about March of 2015) people are only playing on the Attrition game servers. The rest of the game modes are mostly empty. Attrition by itself is quite fun but it’s a shame that none of the other game modes became popular. There are usually a few hundred players online in Attrition whenever I log on so there is always someone to play with.

Titanfall initially only allows you to play the maps with a preset selection of soldiers who have locked weapon sets. As you advance further into the game and gain more levels you will then be able to customize the weapons that your character uses as well as being able to customize your titan. There are only a few pistols to choose from. There are three pistols types (semi automatic, full auto, and single action). The pistols do not have any upgrades or customizable elements to them. The semi auto pistol provides a nice balance of speed and power, while the full auto is just about speed, and the single action revolver is all about power. I found the fully automatic pistol to be the most useful pistol in the game purely because it is really good for spraying at close range. As the Smart pistol is classified as a main weapon I didn’t list it in the pistol category even though I think it probably should be part of the pistol category.

There is a wide variation of main weapons to choose. There are SMG’s, Shotguns, Carbines, Sniper Rifles, and a LMG. At the beginning of the game you only have access to two or three of the main guns but as you level up you will unlock more of the weapons to use in multiplayer. Each of these main guns has customizable unlockables that can be added onto the weapon. The unlockables are things like silencers, extended magazine clips, extra damage modules, or better scopes. The customizable extras are unlocked by completing specific challenges for each weapon while playing. Parts for the guns can be interchanged and swapped out in the weapon customization menu when you have your custom character panel opened up. In this same manner you can customize the weapons that are used on your Titan, and there are similar requirements in use to unlock the specific upgrades for the Titan weapons as well.

The customization options will also allow you to select abilities that can be used to boost your performance in game. Some of them improve player abilities and skills (such as improved cloak abilities or shooting guns while running) and other abilities will improve Titan specific abilities and powers (like Warpfall Transmitter).

The player has double jump and has extended wall running abilities that can be really useful in close quarter maps. There is also a cloaking ability that will make the player invisible for a short period of time. The player can be seen by other people who know what to look for however, and the Titans can easily detect players even when hidden.

The Titans can be ridden and destroyed by enemy players on foot who manage to stay on top of the Titan long enough. The player inside the Titan has a number of neat features that will help them get rid of the player who is riding on top of their Titan, or they can jump out of their Titan and fight the other player on foot. Players can also ride allies Titans. If they ride on an ally titan then they will be protected by the Titans shield as well as the pilot. Exploding titans can do massive damage to other titans and will kill any players in the vicinity of the exploding titan. You can easily run over other players in the Titan.

There are bonus perk cards that are awarded to the player at the end of each match (burn cards). These cards will give the player somewhat unfair advantages over other players. You can only equip three cards per match. The cards can be activated at the beginning of the match, or activated right after death just before respawn. The cards can give enhanced guns or decrease times required for Titan drops or even give direct Titan drops on the spot. The best level cards can be bought from the market for a substancial price. There is a limit of 52 cards. Once you have more than that you can sell extra cards that you don’t want for credits that can be used in the market. I tend to forget about the cards and they all started piling up. I remember to use them at the beginning of the match, but often I’m in such a hurry to respawn I completely forget to activate them in the respawn tab. You can unlock more burn cards by buying them from the market with credits.

You can buy many different things on the market. There are unlockable Titan OS voices, as well as advanced burn cards and cool insignias to paint on the side of your titan. You will receive credits for each completed match and you will get bonus credits for winning the match and for completing daily challenges or other challenges.

There are a total of 50 levels to level up to. As you level up more you will unlock access to better guns and better perks (for both the player and for the titan). Completing challenges will often award large amounts of XP which makes leveling up considerably easier. There are also prestige levels that are awarded in the form of “regeneration”. Once you reach level 50 you will be able to regenerate and you will unlock a level up on your player badge. There are 10 levels of prestige. When you regenerate you will lose access to all of the stuff you have unlocked and you will have to start again from scratch. You do receive an XP bonus depending on what prestige rank you are which makes leveling up again considerably faster. With each new level of prestige rank there is also a unique set of requirements that have to be completed before you can gain access to the next level of prestige. These are a set of challenges that must be completed before you can access the regenerate option. You can find out what the requirements are by looking in the challenges section of the menu under the “regen” tab. You do not get any additional bonuses like you do in Call of Duty.

Titanfall does keep a comprehensive overview of your stats that will tell you almost anything you want to know (it’s pretty similar to the Battlelog system from the Battlefield series).

Overall it’s a pretty fun competitive game that looks nice and scales very well. It can get pretty repetitive after a while, as the maps are set on loop indefinitely and there is no real single player story mode. It is a pretty hefty game weighing in at 50GB. With the source engine, it runs very smoothly and looks pretty nice. Even a year or two after the release of the game it still has small player base that allows for consistent game play. It’s a shame that so many of the other game modes are empty.


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