The Darkness II Overview



This game is fairly similar to the first Darkness game, but it is considerably shorter.

It takes place some years after the events of the first game, and Jackie is now in a much greater position of power than he was in the previous game. The game takes place once again in NYC. The free roam subway system is gone though, and the missions are fairly linear in nature.

Jackie doesn’t have dedicated pistols anymore, although the default pistol in the game looks remarkably similar to his custom designed pistols. There are quite a few different weapons but there is only one or two guns in each category, the categories include pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, and shotguns. The game allows you to mix and match weapons just like the first game did, and there are special double handed weapons which have to be wielded by themselves but are more powerful than the individual one handed ones. There aren’t really any special darkness pistols like there was in Darkness 1, although Darkness exclusive guns to make a brief appearance in the final level.

The Darkness powers are very extensive, and there are now four separate skill trees you can max out that all pertain to different aspects of Jackie’s powers. Some of them improve basic gun power and ammo count, some improve the skills Jackie has while he is in complete darkness, while others give Jackie special darkness powers like black holes that can be devastating to enemies but take longer to recharge. Jackie still gains extra points from killing enemies in creative ways, and there are now special darkness finishers that can be used in order to get additional bonuses from defeated enemies (like extra ammo, or health, or shields). Together with the darkness Jackie is able to use most common items lying around as throw able weapons, which can be instant kills if aimed properly. One of Jackie’s later powers gives him a special bulletproof shield that can also be used as a throw able item which was pretty neat. Some of the enemies also have shields that must be damaged then forcibly yanked off in order to kill the holder.

The story itself is a lot shorter than the first game, and it’s also a bit easier because they have now added in a very useful glowing purple orb that will show you where to go if you get lost. That was probably my most annoying complaint about the first game, I was never sure where I was supposed to be going when Jackie got sent to the WWI battlefield. In Darkness II they have got rid of the WWI battlefield and have replaced it with an hitman contracts style asylum. They have also placed many interactive characters in the asylum from the Darkness series who have entertaining lines/speeches.

Just like the first Darkness however, some of the later levels can be very difficult if you didn’t upgrade the health/powers. Often the checkpoints are set at the beginning of the level, or are located pretty far behind where you died. That nuisance leads to some particularly annoying levels (the second half of the mansion and the carnival come to mind) but it honestly wasn’t as difficult as the first game was. If you don’t use the powers at all it will be very challenging.

In a brand new twist to the series there is now a multiplayer/co-op section of the game which is pretty fun. You can team up with up to three other friends in order to complete objective specific missions (which almost always involve you having to kill someone). There are four different characters to choose from, who each have their own unique darkness empowered weapon and each have specific darkness empowered skillsets. The side missions almost all reuse levels that are already found in the story, but there are new objectives to be accomplished.

There are Darkness relics scattered across the maps which give large xp bonuses when picked up. The relics are also collected and displayed in a special room in Jackie’s home (you will have access to the room after you have found Powell). If you visit the room you will be able to see each relic on a stand, and you can examine the relic in order to have Powell narrate the history of the relic to you. You can also have Powell narrate the history of the relics from the pause menu while you are in a mission. I was going to make a list of the relics and post them in the collectibles section, but my laptop died and the Darkness II won’t work on my desktop, so that task will have to wait for some other time. Some of Powells descriptions of the items can be pretty funny.

Although the game is fairly short (I managed to platinum the game in about 22 hours) it is a very fun game. If you enjoyed the first Darkness game then you should definitely give this a go.


~ by kain243 on November 16, 2015.

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