Bloodrayne 2 Overview

Rayne is back, and continues to slice and dice her way into the 21st century. It’s nice to see her again but the experience was rather frustrating.

At the ground level BR2 looks a lot better than the first game did, there are major graphical improvements and the game looks quite nice, although you are unable to go above 1600 x 1200 resolution and there are no AA options which detract from the overall experience. When I first played it in 2005 I didn’t care about the AA options or about the resolution cap as I only had a 1280 X 1024 screen.

The game play hasn’t really changed very much from the first game. As Rayne you hunt vampires and minions who serve your “father” Kagan and Rayne has been hunting them for a long time. The same dismemberment features from the first game return, and there is a lot more blood and effects as well as new finishers. The game has completely removed all other weapons and now only allows you to use a particular set of bullets that are all blood related and can only be used in a single specific gun. The limited amount of ammo you can carry makes them pretty much useless although they are required for certain boss fights.

Although the game is pretty…the grappling hook/grapple shot was obviously not intended for mouse and keyboard. Trying to aim the hook after you have latched onto an enemy is a very tricky process and often results in death. This is especially frustrating when some of the bosses need enemies to be tossed at particular locations in order to damage the boss, and you often have to toss enemies into machines or places in order to proceed in the level (the game doesn’t tell you that you have to throw enemies in there so it can be quite confusing sometimes). You have a rage meter which is necessary to enable the super powers that Rayne gains after defeating enemies. Only a few of them are really useful and the rest can be hard to remember how to use. Defeating enemies helps power her up and increases the life and rage meter allowing you to survive longer. Some of the fights really boil down to just luck and timing.

While it is nice to see Rayne again, and there are considerable improvements in the graphics and physics…the camera works against you usually and when you combine that with the poor accuracy of the grappling hook things can get very difficult. Once again the game can be very repetitive so you’d better like cheesy dialogue and listening to the same conversations over and over each time you die. If you loved the first Bloodrayne and desperately want more Rayne then definitely pick this up, but while it has aged fairly well the controls on the PC port have not.

Maybe take a look at the PS2 version and see if the handling is any better.

So to sum up…more redhead, more blades, more blood, and a really frustrating hook/camera. I suppose it’s also a classic now so If you like vampires and hack and slash check this out when it’s on sale at Steam or GoG.


~ by kain243 on June 19, 2015.

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