Just Cause 1

I kind of missed out on this back when it first came out because most of my friends had NGC…and the only friend who did have a PS2 didn’t have Just Cause.

Honestly it felt like a GTA game, but with a story more like Mercenaries and less gangster related with more stuff getting blown up. The island was big and there were plenty of items to collect, but the world itself still felt a bit empty. Being able to paratroop a vehicle anywhere was really neat, although I didn’t discover I could do that until the latter half of the game. The main missions became considerably easier with some of Rico’s custom vehicles. The hook shot system was a bit rough, hooking onto moving objects rarely worked out like I had intended it to but it was fun to experiment with.

Sadly it was impossible to get a controller to work with the game properly, and the advanced settings where a bit lacking, especially in the resolution department. A lot of the same sounds got reused very often which got a bit annoying after a while.

Although there were plenty of side quests scattered around the map they were only interesting really if you wanted to unlock the particular item/weapon that was at the end of the faction points system. Being able to jump across the map with the jet from the menu made buying safe houses kind of pointless. Still the game was definitely fun even if it was rather similar to a GTA game of the same caliber. While it was not very impressive after playing JC2 or a more recent GTA game I’m sure when it came out it must have been more entertaining when there weren’t many games like it on the market. It is nice if you want to see where Rico and the Just Cause series got their roots from.


~ by kain243 on May 21, 2015.

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