Infamous 2 Overview


Infamous 2 takes place after the events of Infamous 1. It’s difficult to determine how much time has passed since the first one but it’s obviously been a while. Since Cole is leaving Empire City it seems he did not go down the dark side path and stayed on the heroic side.

There was definitely a feeling of urgency with the arrival of the monster. After Cole arrives in New Marais it’s like starting over again. Having lost most of his powers Cole is both the same as the old Cole and yet a new Cole. Some of the powers are similar to the ones in the 1st game, but there are a lot of brand new powers as well. Unfortunately most of the powers after the base ones use up more of Cole’s energy bar and electricity is a little bit harder to come by in this one. All of the higher light side powers used a lot of energy which was pretty hard to come by in the second flooded section of the story.

There are still just as many side-quests in Infamous 2 as there were in the first. I think there might even be more side quests in this one than there were before, because there it was almost impossible to make it more than a few inches on the map without bumping into 3 quests, good, bad, and neutral. If you wanted random quests there were plenty of them. For a completionist that made it a bit annoying to get through the story as the majority of my time was spent hopping around unlocking the powers and collecting cores to extend Cole’s power bar. The enemies were fairly similar to the first, as were the kind of side quests that were available.

It wasn’t until the side quests started winding down that I returned back to the main story. It did seem like as long as you didn’t play any of the story missions the time limit would remain stationary.

Honestly it was nice to see Cole again in a new story, but it felt like a lot more of the exact same, the formula was mostly unchanged. Playing the light and heroic side might have affected the fun level a bit because I was forced to do good for the sake of the hero powers. Perhaps going down the evil route allows for more satisfying conclusions. I didn’t know if you were allowed to have both powers at once, I doubt it as every good quest you choose locks out an opportunity for an evil quest. To become infamous I suppose another play-through would be necessary. Perhaps I’ll update this overview if I get around to an evil play-through.

Overall it was interesting to have a new setting and location, and it was nice to see a conclusion to the stories set in motion back in Empire City. The light side ending cleared up any confusion with the story, although it leaves a lot of questions about how Infamous: Second Son could come to pass. Hopefully it will be explained in Second Son.

Incidentally, where did Kuo come from? I seriously don’t remember her at all in the first game…then again it has been a very long time since I played it. I’m sure I don’t remember her being there though. I only remember Zeke.


~ by kain243 on May 27, 2014.

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