Beyond Two Souls Overview

It has been a while since I saw a game like this, the last one was probably Heavy Rain, and Indigo Prophecy before that. I didn’t know what to expect having seen only glimpses here and there but it was different than I thought it would be.

The choices that are presented during the story affect the direction the story goes in and also effects the ending…to a degree. The main character (Jodie) has opinions of her own in this, and the choices that the player makes do not always coincide with what she is thinking. The choices don’t always coincide with what Aiden wants either. They do have serious consequences, but there isn’t as much urgency as there was to make the choices like there was in Heavy Rain.

The story is very scattered, and over the course of the game they slowly patch together to form a larger bigger picture, and it’s explained why later on. It was interesting to see the progress of the characters over the course of story. There were definitely a lot of unexpected situations. The story itself was pretty moving, and shows that being special isn’t always a fun superhero experience. Playing as Aiden was incredibly satisfying though as players don’t often get to do that kind of thing without consequences.

There was a bit of a learning curve at first, and the camera angles didn’t always work right (especially with the QTE events). Initially there were hints as to which way you had to press for the QTE but as the story progressed it became a lot more difficult and boiled down to mostly intuition and guesswork. There certainly was a good element of suspense in the game like Quantum Dream’s other projects, and things were only occasionally predictable. Willem Dafoe was a nice guest appearance, and Ellen Page as Jodie was an interesting fit.

It was different to have a Quantum game with a female lead…although Heavy Rain did have some sections this was a totally different experience. Overall it was a pretty good game, and I would definitely recommend it if you liked any of the other Quantum Break games or desire an experience where you get to make almost all the choices.


~ by kain243 on May 7, 2014.

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