Max Payne references in Alan Wake

Reference #1:

At the beginning of chapter two if you go into Alan’s office and pick up the manuscript you will receive “The Sudden Stop”. If you open it the story will be narrated in Max’s voice, and it probably refers to the end of The Fall of Max Payne. It talks about finally being able to see his wife and child, so I guess someone finally got to him…(something about a femme fatale too. Surprise)

Reference #2:

Might be grasping at straws a bit, but in the first Max Payne there was a terrible storm hitting the NYC, and at the start of chapter two in Alan Wake there is also a terrible storm hitting NYC…coincidence?

Reference #3:

Again in chapter two and in the same office as the The Sudden Stop manuscript, on the bookshelf next to a boxed set of books are two golden Beretta’s that have been laminated and trophy cased which look really similar to the dual Beretta’s that Max uses. Seeing as they were made by the same developer I wouldn’t be surprised. The golden guns concept wasn’t introduced until Max Payne 3 however, and Alan Wake came out long before that.

Reference #4:

Yet again during chapter two, if Alan turns on the TV in his apartment, there is an interview where the original actor for Max Payne is being interviewed, and the actor gives viewers the classic Max Payne facial expression that we see on his face for the entire first game.


~ by kain243 on March 21, 2014.

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