Aqua (KH Birth By Sleep)

Aqua is another of the three main characters in Birth by Sleep. She is very skilled with magic. Aqua was the only one to fully complete the Mastery Challenge and be awarded with the Mark of Mastery, thus becoming a true Keyblade Master. Like Ventus, Aqua is naturally good natured and will help others in need. She loves Terra and Ventus as brothers and greatly cares for their overall wellbeing. Aqua encounters a child Kairi which looking for Terra and Ventus, and Aqua casts the protective ward on her which is crucial to her survival during Kingdom Hearts I.

From the Birth by Sleep Database:

The only one of Master Eraqus’s pupils to have been recognized as a true Keyblade Master. A healthy rivalry and close friendship bind her and her training mates Terra and Ven together.


~ by kain243 on March 20, 2014.

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