Alan Wake review (PC)

Alan Wake was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive game, but it was ported to PC much later with a variety of improvements. It is a game that is divided up into different chapters, and reminiscent of Telltale games such as the Walking Dead it comes in installments. The game itself has a slight Silent Hill feel to it, but the enemies are shadows that are shielded by evil darkness that only light can dispel. At normal difficulty settings it provides a decent challenge and really accentuates the atmosphere and story/experience.

Alan bumps into real people on a regular basis so that separates it from the usual horror games. The interesting twist is that the story has already been written and Alan is just one of the characters being subconsciously directed by someone else. Alan has already written the story but doesn’t remember any of it and doesn’t remember writing it, so it is fun to keep looking for the pages which detail the story along the way. It’s not anything game breaking in concepts, but it does look very pretty and it has a pretty interesting story.

The PC version has advanced DX 11 features that allow it to look far better than it’s Xbox equivalent. The drawback to this however is that it has pretty high requirements as a result.



~ by kain243 on February 27, 2014.

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