Peace Walker Easter Eggs (MGS PW HD)

Here are some of the easter eggs that I found while playing Peace Walker. These were just some of the really obvious ones involving the mission where you have to look inside of parked trucks. There are definitely others…

In the mission “Infiltrate the Crater Base”, there are a number of joke references to other games in the Metal Gear Series.

At the end of the mission you have to identify one of the trucks in the cut scene. If you look in other trucks here’s what you’ll find:

In the second truck from the right ( 48273) there are two metal gears. Snake says “Metal Gear?”

in the third truck (63824) Hideo Kojima is hiding as an unlock able character. Surprisingly Snake knows who he is.

in the 5th one (00000) Snake screams “sunlight” and there are blinking gold little guys that look kinda like Pikmen. ( I didn’t get this reference)

in the 6th one (777) there is a giant stack of blue poker chips.

in the 7th one (140.96) that is a joke reference to a frequency from MGS3 and you will see Mei Ling (from MGS1) on a poster on the wall there. The truck number spells out her frequency.


~ by kain243 on February 3, 2014.

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