Tower of Nightmares Event!


The Tower of Nightmares event has been up since Oct 29, and it coincided with the Halloween update so there were a lot of things happening around Kryta this month.

The tower adds a new area in the Kessex Hills, and adds events that are strewn all over Queensdale. There are spore group events which drop pristine spores and there are toxic krait enemies to add more challenge to certain areas. The Spore events are much easier in a group. The living content story is single player only, and once again, having a low level character will make completing the trophies for this event rather difficult. There are obelisks scattered around Queensdale which can be inscribed, but are defended by difficult krait enemies. The spores can be used to make exclusive toxic weapon skins that can be bought from the Black Lion trading post in Lion’s Arch. You can also buy a toxic healing spell (which has since become part of the permanent skillset for 25 skill points so no longer necessary to buy) from the small camp near the tower that overlooks it.

If you complete all of the trophies for the living world section you gain a Obelisk crystal for your home instance where you can get 1 skill point (not rechargeable AFAIK) or you can also use it to charge quartz crystals. The event also adds in some limited toxic armor skins, some weapon skins, and some rare dye’s and mini’s which can all be bought from the Gem Store.

The Pristine Toxic spores now have their own dedicated section in the crafting materials pane of bank storage. It is limited to 250 as is everything else.

This event also overlaps with the event introduced on Nov 12th, The Nightmares Within.


~ by kain243 on November 21, 2013.

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