The Nightmares Within Event (Guild Wars 2)

The Nightmares Within content is an addon to the the previous Tower of Nightmares event.

The Nightmares Within allows players to enter the Tower of Nightmares and try to make it past 3 floors of elite enemies and constant toxic mine explosions to the top in order to defeat the Toxic Hybrid boss and open the Tri Chest for  a chance at rare items. All players are upscaled to level 80, but running through the map can be very difficult alone, and still difficult even in a group. Having to be revived every 5-10 minutes would be a normal thing if you aren’t a Guardian. The final boss also drops a set of rare items, and there is a minipet hybrid to be had if you can beat the boss without anyone dying (needing to be resurrected). The Tri Chest requires a Tri Chest key, which is three separate colored keys (pink, blue, and green) that must be combined in order to form one single key. You can get 1 kind of key from each level for respective colors, or you can buy one total key from the camp near the Tower for 25 spores and 15 silver coin.

It is interesting content for those who truly want a challenge, and there are a lot of rare items to be found from all kinds of enemies in there so it is a great opportunity for some magical farming.


~ by kain243 on November 21, 2013.

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