Dante (DMC 2013)


Before he was the famous devil hunter, Dante was an anarchic rebellious teen with a record for rule breaking and troublemaking. Dante has short black hair, but still has the Rebellion sword passed down to him from his parents. Dante is a Nephilim, he is the product of a union between the angel Eva and the great demon Sparda. Dante has abilities that are far beyond that of most humans. He also has many demonic powers that lie dormant until he learns of his special heritage.

Dante is unaware of his family line until he meets his brother Virgil who seeks him out in order to take him to their childhood home and reveal their family history. Dante seeks to hunt down the demon lord Mundus who is responsible for the events in the past and Sparda’s banishment. Dante and Virgil are all that really stand between earth and demons completely consuming it.

Dante and Virgil have rather different views and opinions on who should be ruling over earth. Dante believes that humans should be free to make their own choices while Virgil believes that humans are weak and are meant to be ruled over by someone stronger, ideally a nephilim like Dante or Virgil. This has led to some serious friction etween the two of them much more than once. This younger Dante seems to be much more loyal to his friends and doesn’t seem to mind being part of a group and team. His future self is much more of an independent lone mercenary. He does have his weaknesses for human women and still seeks their attention. Whether this is a weakness or not is yet to be seen.

This young version of Dante still has his signature pistols Ebony and Ivory, although their origins are still unclear. Dante is really skilled at causing lots of chaos wherever he pops up. Whereas Virgil tries to hide in the shadows, you’d never have to look for Dante…he’s probably already in your face.


~ by kain243 on September 13, 2013.

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