Raiden (Metal Gear Solid)


Raiden originally joined Foxhound and was trained through the use of VR missions to become like Solid Snake. After Solid Snake left Foxhound they sought a replacement and decided on Raiden. Raiden’s original name is Jack, he was a child soldier in the middle-east and took part in many war operations. He was supervised and brainwashed by Solidus, who was also involved in the wars. Jack has a wife and child in the US who he fights to protect. Raiden was sent to the tanker after Snake disappeared there, and during the course of events Raiden met Otacon’s sister and also met the original Solid Snake who was trying to stop the explosives. Together Snake and Raiden worked together to stop Ocelot and disarm the explosives taking down many enemies in the process. Raiden became very adept at using the katana in the latter half of the game, and after the events of MGS2 took place Raiden seemingly disappeared.

Raiden returned in MGS4 as an extremely impressive superhuman cyborg modified much in the same way that Grey Fox was. Raiden single-handidly defeated enemies that were difficult for Old Snake to handle, and had his own set of showdowns with a also heavily modified Vamp who returned from MGS2 as well. How Jack went from his MGS2 character to the mostly cyborg Raiden in MGS4 is unknown. After MGS4 Raiden went off and joined another mercenary organization that was dedicated to saving innocents and maintaining world peace. From here the events of Metal Gear Rising took place, where Raiden was called upon to save the world and defeat the new Metal Gear in Snake’s absence.

~ by kain243 on June 17, 2013.

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