Queen Dido (RE: Revelations)

The Dido is the third of three identical cruise ships, and it is the home base for the Voltaire scientist operations. The T-Abyss virus is developed secretly on board this ship. The Dido releases Biohazard samples into Terragrigia and instigates the outbreak that ends in the destruction of the city.

When Terragrigia is sunk by the solar attack the Dido is sunk as well, and everyone aboard is assumed dead with the evidence completely destroyed. But unbeknownst to anyone the Volatire members manage to survive on board the sunken ship against all odds, having injected themselves with the T-Abyss virus in order to survive. They manage to survive for over an entire year without having actual food. Chris and Jill explore the sunken ship searching for remains but come face to face with the leader of Voltaire still very alive and awaiting them. They must defeat him in order to get the recorder in a PDA which is in his possession.

(I used the image for the Zenobia because I couldn’t find a picture of the sunken one. They are identical ships tho O.o)


~ by kain243 on March 14, 2013.

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