Laura (LoS)

Daughter of the vampire empress Camille, Laura presides in the same castle as her mother. She challenges Gabriel to beat her in a deadly game of chess and sends dangerous toy abominations to kill him. Gabriel bests her in her game of chess and decides to spare her life, she doesn’t know why. Little does she know about the hidden castle ruins built beneath Camille’s castle or the important role she will play in Gabriel’s future. Her mother was one of the three original founders of the order of the brotherhood. She is also one of the Lords of Shadow that Gabriel must defeat. Laura sacrifices herself so that Gabriel may continue on his quest in the demon realm to defeat the forgotten one. Gabriel drinks from her blood and becomes a dark entity (vampire) draining her dry in the process. Laura tells him to do it or he won’t be strong enough to survive the demon realm.

 We control her briefly during Reverie, she has lightning powers and can command unholy toys to serve her.

~ by kain243 on January 24, 2013.

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