Gabriel Belmont

Being the first of the Belmonts, Gabriel sets a great legacy. Although it is said that Gabriel’s story takes place in a different time line from the rest of the Castlevania series, the history of the series makes a lot more sense if you use Lords of Shadow as an origins story. Gabriel is a member of the Brotherhood, which are an order dedicated to the purging of evil across the land. Gabriel is the first to use the iconic cross chain as a weapon against evil. He later obtains two amulets which grant him special abilities. The amulets pertain to light and darkness. They are more like divine powers and unholy ones. Gabriel seeks more than just purging evil, he is plagued by nightmares of his dead beloved Marie which haunt him. Having heard about the legendary powers of the mask of Shadows, Gabriel sets off on a grand quest to obtain the three parts of the split mask in order to resurrect his love Marie, and he will destroy anything that gets in the way between him and the mask. Gabriel harbours a deep and troubled past, although he is not fully aware of it or why images of his wife plague him.

*spoilers* Reverie and Resurrection DLC

Gabriel does triumph over the many challenges that face him and he finally obtains the mask of shadows. Unfortunately the mask of Shadows allows only divine vision and little more, all Gabriel can do is release dead souls from their torment. In the process of getting the mask Gabriel discovers that it was he himself who murdered his beloved under the influence of the mask of death at the hands of the devil himself. After drinking Laura’s blood and defeating the Forgotten One Gabriel becomes a strongly tainted and corrupt vampire with powers beyond what any mortal could obtain. His cross shatters in the battle with the Forgotten One. Gabriel lives on for many eons as the deeply cynical vampire entity known as Dracula.


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