Resident Evil Revelations Overview

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Resident Evil Revelations for the 3DS is a surprisingly good Resident Evil portable. The story is brand new and fresh, featuring Jill and Chris and taking place in between Resident Evil 3 and 5. The graphics are fantastic for a handheld and look almost PS3/x360 level, but like the Vita close examination of the graphics show that it isn’t quite at the same level as home consoles (with a 2-4GB card no surprise). The graphics on the 3DS overall have been quite impressive, it handles like a portable Wii/GC.

Resident Evil Revelations has a few settings, but the majority of the game takes place on two identical cruise ships, the Queen Zenobia and the Queen Semiramis. Jill and her partner are sent to the Zenobia to investigate the ruse of a resurrected cult called Voltaire. They are members of the BSAA (not yet the BSAA from RE5). Chris and his partner are sent to investigate the ship when Jill and Parker disappear suddenly, but Chris ends up on the wrong ship.

The controls are fairly straightforward, but the game is optimized for the 3DS circle pro add-on and the game handles superbly with the CPP. The analog stick operates movement, and the characters are controlled via first person when entering aiming/shooting mode. Thankfully the characters can move while they are aiming the guns, but this proves a little tricky without the CPP. The foundational mechanics behind the Revelations is the same as the older Resident Evil titles, with less emphasis being placed on the action horror angle.

Weapons and upgrades are placed around the two settings, although bullets for the guns can tend to be scarce at certain points. It is a herald to the older RE titles, where ammo was scarce and had to be used conservatively. The guns in Revelations can still be upgraded depending on how many upgrade slots they have and how many upgrades you manage to find scattered over the levels. Some of the guns only have a single slot while the best of them have five or six upgrade slots allowing for serious potential.

I thought that Revelations was a nice breeze of fresh air after RE5, and it manages to bring back some of the charm which I loved in the original Resident Evils. The characters were interesting and the story was interesting, I liked having Jill as the main protagonist, but it was nice to have multiple perspectives from different characters throughout the game. During the game you are able to take control of four different characters, each of them in a different location and each character playing an essential role in the story. Some of it was a little bit cheesy (especially the Jessica parts) but the humor and drama was well balanced. The story is interesting, is set in brand new locations, and doesn’t really interfere with the rest of the Resident Evil saga, it merely adds onto it with a supplemental story. You can skip playing Revelations and you wouldn’t really miss anything in the other games, but it’s nice to see some more of Jill and some more of Chris when he’s not being useless (see RE1 lol).

Overall I think Resident Evil Revelations is a worthy addition to the Resident Evil saga and is one of the best games currently out for the 3DS system, and it is an excellent game overall. The addition of the CPP makes the game much more enjoyable to play, and the game is still quite manageable even without the CPP upgrade. Anyone who has a 3DS, is looking for a good horror/action game, and is a fan of Resident Evil should definitely consider picking this up.


~ by kain243 on November 14, 2012.

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