Darksiders 2 Overview



Darksiders 2 is the second part of the Darksiders series (duh), and lets us command the second of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Death. The game takes place chronologically at the same time as Darksiders 1 does. Death is setting out on a journey to redeem his brother. Death handles like Kratos from GoW who meets the Prince from PoP and lastly Raziel from Legacy of Kain. His appearance and voice resemble Raziel’s quite often at certain points. The game overall feels like a glorified version of fetch. The first one didn’t feel like it that much.

Death just keeps being sent on quests to retrieve stuff, and there are usually three parts to each major quest which can often be a nuisance. Death handles very smoothly, he is much more agile and attacks faster than his brother War does. He can scale walls much like the Prince from Prince of Persia, or Altair/Ezio from Assassins Creed. One major new addition is the variety of weapons that Death can equip. His primary weapons are scythes. His secondary weapon can be any number of weapons ranging from broadswords to axes and everything in-between. Death finds many different armor pieces that can be equipped in different combinations to give Death interesting new looks.

Much like a regular RPG (think Diablo) the farther in the game you get, the better weapons and armor you can find. Death can buy better equipment from vendors whereas War can only upgrade his current set (upgrades to the Abyssal Armor). There are three different regions Death explore in the game, and each region is pretty big with plenty of enemies all over the place. The three regions are near the heavenly realm, near the demon realm, and a realm on the verge of falling into corruption and darkness (but hasn’t yet). Death briefly has to travel to Earth in order to find pieces of a staff and he sees firsthand the devastation that War has brought to Earth.

Death has a crow that follows him around and helps guide him when he gets confused or lost. This is a huge help and a much better system than the first game had. Figuring out where to go in Darksiders 1 was often a big nuisance. The weapons also have their own categories (again like Diablo) and some of them (the possessed ones) can be leveled up and become more powerful by feeding them other magical items. At max level some of the possessed weapons can become rather powerful indeed.

Death’s magical powers extend into necromancy and reaping, there are two skill tree sets. I only explored the reaping tree which allows Death to transform into his true form. Death always wears a mask that looks like the symbol of the skull emblem in The Punisher. Right from the start of the game you have access to your horse but there are many places where you cannot ride it. Death can also attack enemies from on top of his horse.

Finally, there is the addition of the challenge arena/spire and the option for New Game +. These features make it quite interesting, and add much more potential replay value to it. Some of the puzzles were incredibly simple, but some were very confusing and I spent a long time trying to figure out the solution to the puzzle when the answer was in fact much simpler than I had thought. The solutions were often directly in front of me but I just didn’t see them.

If you like Legend of Zelda games, and enjoyed Darksiders 1, then I definitely recommend trying out Darksiders 2 (even with the crappy cliffhanger ending).


~ by kain243 on November 7, 2012.

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