Kung Lao (Mortal Kombat)



Kung Lao’s ancestor was defeated by Goro 500 years ago in the pivotal match that saw Shang Tsung attain control of the Mortal Kombat tournament. To him this contest is about more than Earthrealm’s freedom. His life’s goal has been to slay Goro and win the tournament, thus restoring his family’s honor. After being defeated by Liu Kang in a qualifying bout, he disguised himself as one of Shang Tsung’s guards to gain admittance. Kung Lao believes he is ready for the challenge. The time to avenge his ancestor is at hand.

Ending: Kung Lao had avenged his ancestor’s death and saved Earthrealm. Together with Raiden, he visited his ancestor’s grave. While kneeling at the grave he saw memory flashes of different lives. Raiden told him that he had unlocked memories of his past lives. Kung Lao was in fact the reincarnation of the great Kung Lao who had been defeated 500 years before.


~ by kain243 on October 15, 2012.

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