Ermac (Mortal Kombat)

As punishment for resisting Shao Kahn’s claim to the realm of Edenia, the souls of the vanquished were torn from their bodies and fused together to form the being now known as Ermac. Bent to Shao Kahn’s will, Ermac is his foremost enforcer. The essences of so many souls bound together give Ermac immense telekinetic power—an advantage that will destroy Earthrealm’s resistance to Shao Kahn’s rule.

Ending: With Shao Kahn dead, ermac was no longer bound to him and anarchy took him over. Only the spirit King Jared had the power to take control of all of the conflicting spirits. Ermac returned to Outworld in order to reunite with his past and surprised Sindel and Kitana by resuming his throne in Edenia. They were shocked to learn Jared’s spirit lived on, and Ermac returned to Edenia in order to protect his queen and his people.


~ by kain243 on October 12, 2012.

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