Resident Evil Revelations Story

Jill and her partner Parker are sent by the BSAA to investigate strange creatures that have washed ashore. They are very close to the location of Terragrigia. On the beach they discover the remains of some B.O.W.’s that are not quite dead yet. Jill and Parker start looking for the source of the BOW’s. Chris and Jessica have gone missing and Jill is sent in order to find out what happened to them.

A cut-scene shows us that Terragrigia was once the highlight of human ingenuity (It was an entire city build on the ocean which was completely powered by solar energy). Terrorists calling themselves “Veltro” decided to attack Terragrigia with B.O.W’s. In an effort to save the rest of the world, Terragrigia was destroyed by the same system that gave it power. The effort to contain the outbreak was very reminiscent of Raccoon City, and characters do point that out.

Jill and Parker are sent to the last known position Chris was at. The location turns out to be an abandoned cruise ship in the Mediterranean named “Queen Zenobia”. Jill and her partner investigate the ship and are attacked by mysterious creatures. Jill sees what appears to be Chris tied to a chair and locked in a room, but she has to find the key. Jill and Parker split up to find the key. Jill witnesses a woman getting finished off by two of the monsters. After finding the key Jill returns to try to free Chris, but it’s a fake body and they realize it was a trap as they get knocked out with gas by Veltro.

Chris and Jessica meanwhile, are actually very far away. They are sent to investigate an old airfield and they witness a plane crashing. Investigating the plane leads to evidence of canine B.O.W.’s which they have to fight off. When they get to the airfield they see Veltro’s flag hanging from the airfield and are concerned. Headquarters realizes that Jill walked into a trap and Chris vows to go after her. Chris and Jessica get into a helicopter and start looking for the ship.

Jill and Parker wake up in separate rooms without weapons and have to dodge enemies while trying to find each other. Once they do find each other they get their weapons back and head for the bridge to contact HQ. When they get to the bridge they find all the consoles are destroyed, their ship blows up, and Jill gets taken hostage. Parker recognizes the man who is holding Jill hostage, his name is Raymond and they used to work together in security at Terragrigia.

Raymond escapes and they try to follow him. A flashback ensues and Parker becomes the main character during the final hours of the Terragrigia attack. Parker and Jessica narrowly escape. Back on the ship Jill decides to seek out the alternate emergency broadcast room. They bump into Raymond again who gives them a key to open a locked door. He also asks Jill to help him find his partner.

The emergency broadcast room is locked, and the communications officer holding the key has turned into a giant freak. After all the hard work however, the emergency console is wrecked as well. Next they decide to restore power to the whole ship. They witness a propaganda message where the leader of Veltro takes off his mask and starts quoting Dante’s Inferno. He warns the world about the T-Abyss virus and demonstrates its effects on nice fish that become demons. Apparently the boat was used as their base to attack Terragrigia from. Jill concludes that he must be stopped. They are still searching the ship, but they don’t exactly know why.

On the way to the main generator room they pass through a casino and experience the mutated fish first hand. After the casino they head down to try to restore power. The lift that takes them down is missing a key. The key has been taken by Raymond’s partner…so Jill goes off to try and find her. It turns out the woman being attacked in the beginning was Raymond’s partner and she has now mutated into a very quick and deadly monster. Jill chases her halfway around the ship before finally killing her with assistance from Parker. Together they head down into the bilge and try to restore the power.

The bilge is largely flooded, and jets of steam stop them from getting to the main controls. Jill has to circumvent the steam jets and together they manage to restore power by simultaneously turning the keys. Doing so makes all the doors lock shut and suddenly everywhere starts flooding.

BSAA HQ sends two of their agents to the airbase to investigate what Chris didn’t. They witness an invisible monster killing people on security cams. They see them getting onto the plane that crashed and decide to investigate the plane. They get attacked near the plane by invisible monsters but fight them off. Booting up the plane’s computer console reveals the location of the boat Jill is on. Everyone’s wondering why Veltro would be looking for their own ship.

After receiving the coordinates for the ship Chris rushes onboard and is told to head for the engine room. He gets there and finds the whole ship completely deserted. Turns out there are two identical ships, the Queen Zenobia, and the Queen Semiramis that Veltro has been using…and he is on the wrong one. Meanwhile on the Zenobia, Jill discovers an escape hatch and manages to get out of the flooding compartment. With the power restored Jill and Parker head for the communications tower at the top of the ship. Getting into an elevator leads to a boss fight, after which they reach the communications array.

Thankfully it still works, and they manage to contact O’Brian at BSAA headquarters. He confirms that it was a trap, and tells them that Veltro has once again activated the laser satellite, this time aiming for the ship. The only way to save themselves is to get to a UAV on the main deck and use the built in chaff system to distract the laser. The UAV is still present, but there are monsters blocking their path, the same monsters that Parker faced earlier during the attack on Terraggrigia. Jill sets up the UAV, and then they have just minutes to get to the control room and activate it before the laser hits. The laser narrowly misses the boat and sends up a giant tidal wave which starts sinking the Zenobia. Having found the location of the Zenobia Chris and Jessica hop in a boat and head for the Zenobia, fighting off a monster with tentacles along the way. (Just had to be tentacles ^_^)

With the ship flooding Jill and Parker swim through the ship. Chris comlinks Jill and tells her to meet them in the main hall. Jill agrees and they head for the main hall. When they get to the casino they are greeted by a member of Veltro clapping. He applauds them for getting this far and begins to explain the reason they are there, but Jessica and Chris show up and shoot him before he tells them completely. Before he dies he takes off the gas mask and it turns out to be Raymond from before. Raymond says that the Queen Zenobia is hiding some big secret and holds the truth to what happened at Terragrigia. Chris and Jill say that the virus must not be allowed to leave the ship and contaminate the ocean, so they go off to try and stop the virus. Parker and Jessica work together and try to stop the ship from sinking.

Chris and Jill head for a lab which is unlocked with a key Chris took from the Semiramis. Opening the lab reveals a secret passage which leads to a room. The room contains a huge container full of the virus. Back at the airport the two guys discover a conspiracy theory, set up by O’Brian all in order to get at head guy from the FBC who is bent on using the laser to destroy the world.

Chris and jill enter the secret laboratory hidden beneath the Queen Zenobia and they discover a giant chamber which is full of the new T-Abyss virus. There are labs on both the Queen Zenobia and the Semiramis so that the scientists could study the effects of the virus.

It seems the scientists first mixed an Abyss virus with the T-virus and the resulting B.O.W.’s were powerful enough to kill their owners and take over the ship. The virus was first tested at Terragrigia, but when the sun beam destroyed the whole city, the scientists had to be more careful about exposing the virus so they hid it on the two ships and continued to do research. They successfully developed a vaccine to work against this new virus, and Jill finds the antidote/vaccine on the corpse of one of the scientists. They uncover documents which refer to the Terragrigia incident and why Volte was involved. They learn that if enough of the virus were to infect the ocean, an irreversible change might happen and the whole world would be at the mercy of the new virus.

Jill and Chris start the process of neutralizing the virus, but the mastermind behind the whole operations appears on screen and congratulates them for having made it this far, but he tells them that he is in full control of the situation with the beam aiming at the Zenobia. He sends some B.O.W.’s to kill Chris and Jill but they defeat them and successfully neutralize the virus on the Queen Zenobia. His name is Morgan Lansdale and he is in charge of the FBC (the old anti B.O.W. that was stationed at Terragrigia.)

Meanwhile Parker and Jessica head to the bridge in order to try to stop the boat from sinking. Jessica manages to get to the bridge much faster than Parker and Parker becomes suspicious of her. As Parker draws his gun and aims at Jessica, he reveals that Richards’s last words to him were that Jessica might be a spy working for Morgan. Jessica puts on an innocent act until Raymond himself suddenly shows up. He tells Parker that Jessica is trying to hit the self-destruct button in order to blow up the ship and destroy the evidence. Parker doesn’t believe that Jessica is the spy and lowers his gun for a few seconds which is just enough time for Jessica to hit the self-destruct button and shoot Parker in the process. Parker collapses to the deck and tells Raymond to go after her without him.

Meanwhile down below, Jill and Chris hear the self-destruct sequence and start heading for the bow of the ship where their helicopter is going to meet them. The ship starts blowing up all around them.  Along the way Jill finds Parker heavily wounded and she helps him as they head towards the evac point. As they are moving along part of the walkway collapses and Parker falls off. Both Chris and Jill try to save him, but he lets go of their hands and falls…to his death? Chris and Jill mourn his loss but keep on heading upwards towards the helicopter. The Zenobia starts to sink and the whole ship tilts vertically. They approach the helicopter just in time to see a huge mutated monster erupt out of the ocean. The monster looks vaguely like a whale with tentacles. Together with the pilot they manage to distract the monster long enough in order to get on board the helicopter. Using the helicopters miniguns they kill the monster.

After they have defeated the monster they call O’Brian and he reluctantly agrees to fill them in on the truth. Turns out the entire mission was an elaborate ruse designed to bring Morgan out and force him to reveal his true nature. As the head of the FBC he was supposed to be in charge of hunting down the B.O.W.’s, but Morgan was in fact the instigator of the whole Terragrigia attack. Raymond and O’Brian had begun to suspect him ever since Terragrigia and they had been orchestrating the whole thing in order to expose him. O’Brian also reveals the fact that there is a third ship, beyond the Queen Zenobia and the Queen Semiramis.

Back in the bowels of the ship, Raymond appears and bumps into a still very wounded Parker. Raymond tells Parker that Jessica got away, and Parker apologizes for not believing in him.

O’brian tells Chris and Jill that the Queen Dido is the third ship, and it sunk during the attack on Terragrigia. He suspects it might contain the evidence they need to bring Morgan down. Chris and Jill head for the remains of Terragrigia immediately. They get scuba gear and dive deep underwater to the remains of the ship. Inside the ship they find corpses of monsters that appear to be the same as the monsters Jill and Parker fought on the beach. Apparently the monsters originated from this boat. Chris and Jill head farther in to seek out more.

Surprisingly, Chris and Jill manage to find a part of the ship that has not completely flooded with water, and after activating the power and opening the door Chris and Jill find the remains of the original Volte posse. They are all dead and have been condoned as martyrs. It becomes evident that they had been injecting themselves with the Abyss virus, and some of the bodies have already started to transform into the strange sluggish monsters that Jill fought earlier. Chris and Jill enter a room and witness a video on a projector screen that was taken by one of the survivors. In the video there is clear evidence that Morgan was behind the outbreak of the monsters. In the video Chris and Jill witness him injecting himself with the virus and then slumping off-screen. They assume that he is probably dead because it has been over a year since the ship sunk. Yet as they consider further into the bowels of the ship they hear a voice repeating verses from Dante’s Divine Comedy, and they discover the leader still alive. He has obviously gone crazy from the effects of the virus, but he is seated in a throne holding onto a PDA which he claims has all the evidence he needs to bring Morgan down. He also seems to think that Chris and Jill are Morgan and vows to get revenge on them…he mutates into a huge monster that resembles the T-Virus bosses from Resident Evil 2 and from Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.

Chris and Jill manage to defeat him and obtain the PDA. Back at BSAA headquarters Morgan Lansdale sweeps into the center with his militia and are right in the midst of taking over when Chris and Jill upload the video and suddenly everyone turns against Morgan. Morgan is arrested for his crimes against humanity. BSAA goes on to become the worldwide B.O.W. anti-task force that we know from RE5 onwards, Parker survives and after medical treatment returns to duty in the BSAA. Chris and Jill head on their next mission to an old mansion in search of Wesker, with no idea about what awaits them in Resident Evil 5. The final scene in the game shows Jessica holding a single vial containing the T-virus and Abyss virus combined. She is waiting in a restaurant for Raymond who comes in and takes the vial from her. The outcome is unknown.


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