Uncharted Golden Abyss Story

Golden Abyss pre-dates Uncharted 1, but still stars Nathan Drake and Sully. Drake is venturing into Central America this time, in Panama. Drake starts off in a partnership with a guy called Dante and they are looking for evidence of an ancient civilization. They get to an archaeological site where Drake discovers a unique symbol on one of the stones and they also find poisoned bodies of old Spanish conquistadores. The symbol is of great interest to him. The other guy disappears off leaving Drake together with his other partner, Merisa Chase. Chase and Drake kind of hit it off, as they both have great interest in the site and the mark that Drake found. Chase is seeking an amulet that was given to her by her grandfather that was taken from her by Guerro (The General). It is also of great interest to Drake. Drake and Chase discover that Dante has made a deal with a general called Guerro who is in charge of the militia in the area in exchange for backing and permission to continue exploring the archaeological sites.. They send soldiers and hired hit men after Chase and Drake. Chase doesn’t like firing guns, so Drake is forced to defend her most of the time. Together they search for a way to escape the men and try to figure out exactly what it is they’ve discovered. Drake and Chase end up in the central command area for the opposition, and Chase finds evidence that Guerro and Dante are working together. Drake helps crack the wall safe and they find Chase’s amulet inside it. Drake is somewhat suspicious of Chase because of the way she acts in the headquarters, and she eventually tells him that she knows more than he thought about the whole thing. As they are trying to escape Chase hops into the back of a truck that ends up getting captured by Guerro, and Drake has a showdown and has to save her. He manages to do so, but he destroys a caravan of the generals vehicles and makes himself a personal enemy of the general. Chase and Drake head off to her grandfathers study where Drake realizes that Chase’s grandfather had been on the verge of discovering a lost civilization involving the Sete Ciudades, a mythical city made of gold. Chase is determined to chase her grandfather and find out where he went and what he discovered. Drake is wary of Dante and the General and is initially going to back out, but after Chase shows him her grandfathers journal Drake becomes very interested in the Sete Ciudades and the connection to the symbol they saw at the dig site.

Drake agrees to go with Chase to the last known location her grandfather said he was going to. They find her grandfather’s car there. They descend down into the ruins and head deeper and deeper solving complex defences until they discover some catacombs and they find her grandfathers body collapsed in one of the chambers. Drake realizes he was searching for the tomb of a Spanish friar who had supposedly discovered Sete Ciudades named Marcos de Niza. There is a special sword he had called the Sword of Stephen which granted access to the door of the underworld which guards the gates of the Sete Ciudades. Just as Drake discovers the sword in Marcos’s tomb (he quickly makes rubbing’s of the designs on the blade itself), Guerro shows up with Dante and kidnaps Chase along with the sword. Guerro cuts the rope and leaves Dante stuck with Drake in the catacombs. Reluctantly they work together to escape the catacombs as Guerro sets the place to detonate all around them. Drake and Dante narrowly manage to get out in time. Drake and Dante have an argument, Dante tells Drake to run off to Sully, and that he’s going to get himself an army. Drake leaves vowing not to drag Sully into the whole thing, but lo and behold, that’s precisely what happens anyway. Drake tells Sully the whole story and Sully agrees to help him get Chase back. Drake knows that Chase and Dante are probably heading for the Temple of the Serpent, where the entrance to Sete Ciudades is supposedly hidden. Drake and Sully head onto the river on an old canoe trying to sneak into the Serpent’s temple without getting seen. Drake was reading the map upside down and as a result they almost end up going over a waterfall. They realize this in the nick of time and furiously back-pedal to escape. Sully reprimands Nate for screwing up, and they jokingly refer to old exploits with sexual innuendo’s strewn in-between. Unfortunately, there is an entire army waiting for Drake and Sully at the head of the entrance to the part of the river that leads to the temple of Serpents. Nate thought that Dante had been joking about getting together an army, they both realize he wasn’t. Together Drake and Sully fight their way through the jungle killing tons of Dante’s mercenaries.

Sully is wounded while he is attempting to make a jump over a chasm, and Drake goes to save him. Sully has damaged his leg and decides to stay put at a helicopter pad and promises to come to Drake’s rescue when he needs it, and tells Drake to go off and save Chase. Drake reluctantly leaves him and heads on towards the temple of the serpents. As he is climbing the temple trying to get to Chase he encounters a lot more of Dante’s men, and one of the men fires an RPG at him knocking him off the side of the temple. Drake survives the fall and starts climbing it again, eventually reaching the top and heading inside the temple. The temple has an entrance that looks like a serpent head…Drake jokingly says he can see why Marco’s thought it was the gate to the underworld. Inside the temple there are a lot of cliff-holds and scaffolds that Drake has to navigate in order to get to where Chase is being held. Drake shoots the men holding Chase captive and she runs off to hide. Drake catches up with her and tries to get her to leave after they discover that the whole area has been rigged with dynamite. Chase refuses to leave though, they are directly in front of the very gate which grants access to the Sete Ciudades. Drake helps her decode the door and the amulet is used to unlock the door allowing them into a passage. The passage descends down to a mythical lake which they cross in a canoe, they find many bodies that seem to have been in agony before death. After getting off the canoe at the other side of the lake they do indeed discover walls of gold and the Sete Ciudades. They also discover the body of Marco de Niza sitting on a throne of gold, apparently a sacrifice to the gods in an effort to keep Sete Ciudades guarded and closed for eternity. Drake and Chase can hardly believe their good fortune, but something starts ticking inside Chase’s bag. Upon investigation, they find a Geiger Counter nestled down within the pack, Chase said it belonged to Dante. The Geiger Counter is going off the charts and Drake realizes that all of the gold is in fact radioactive and would have seemingly appeared cursed to the ancients.

Suddenly Dante shows up with some militia. Turns out he’s been following them the whole time in the hopes that Drake will lead him straight to the gold, and so indeed he has. Dante doesn’t seem to care about the ethical implications of selling radioactive gold, but Drake and Chase do. They refuse to be a part of the scheme and Drake promises to bury the whole city by setting off the dynamite. Dante tries to kill them and he and Drake get into a fight which Drake wins. They leave Dante collapsed on the ground near the throne and they escape fighting Dante’s men along the way. Once they get back to the gate, Drake is hesitant to kill Dante by setting off dynamite, but Chase takes the decision out of his hands and detonates the explosives, causing the whole underground are to start collapsing. They head for the surface with the whole place falling down around them. Just as they reach the entrance, Guerro shows up and fires an RPG at a column which falls down and traps Chase underneath it. Drake engages Guerro in a fistfight as the whole place is exploding around them and Drake wins the fight by knocking Guerro off. Drake hurries back down to where Chase is trapped and helps her out from under the pillar. They watch around them as the whole place is falling apart and conclude that they are trapped. All of a sudden out of nowhere Sully shows up and helps them escape out of the exploding temple. Wounded but alive they all head towards the safety of the chopper, and Chase vows to be rid of the gold and the curse. She is happy that they have found what her grandfather was looking for, but she is happy to let it go. Chase tosses the amulet deep into the forest and she and Drake almost kiss, but Sully shows up and ruins it. Together the three of them head off towards the chopper and new adventures.


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