Uncharted Golden Abyss Overview

Uncharted Golden Abyss.png



Uncharted Golden Abyss is a wonderful portable experience. It has graphics and sound that almost rival its PS3 rivals, but when you look closely at the game you can tell it’s not quite *that* level of greatness but considering the Vita it’s pretty impressive. The game plays and feels much like the other ones do, the addition of the touch screen does change things a bit though. The PS Vita has a gyroscope which comes into effect when you are trying to aim a gun, if you tilt the Vita left of right you can change aim slightly improving your aim. I didn’t like the feature very much. Another touch feature was the ability to zoom in with the sniper rife by stroking the back of the screen. There is also a camera which Drake can use to take pictures of things for his journal that can be zoomed in and out in a similar manner. The screen looks absolutely gorgeous and the story is new and quite interesting, not a dumbed down port from the PS3 but a new game entirely. The wit and humour that I liked about the other Uncharted’s is also present in Golden Abyss as well, although Drake and Chase don’t fit together quite as well as Drake and Elena do…The game is pretty long for a hand-held and it incorporates most of the features that the other uncharted games are well known for. If you like Uncharted, and you have a Vita, I’d say it’s definitely worth picking up and is a lot of fun. Unfortunately there aren’t any multi-player features.


Here’s a trailer which gives you some idea of what it look like and how it plays:


~ by kain243 on October 4, 2012.

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