Darksiders 2 Story

Death ventures into the afterworld to seek out the keeper of secrets (crowfather) and learn how to save his brother from the high court. He must revive humankind (who were killed off in the hellish post-apocalyptic earth that War explored in the last game). Crowfather is the guardian of a green amulet which contains many secrets.

Crowfather refuses to tell Death the secrets he wants to know and tricks Death into killing him after he turns into an incarnation of Deaths brother War. When Crowfather dies Death is once again cursed with the green amulet carrying the spirits of the Nephilim. The amulet breaks and the souls are etched into Deaths chest. At the same time as the spirits are etched into his chest Death is sucked into a different dimension and drops out into a world much like earth, where the Tree of Life is held.

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Death speaks to Makers (giant beings who rule that realm) and he learns that the Tree of Life has become corrupted and that monsters have been appearing all over the realm and have been taking over. The Tree of Life is blocked by a huge door that is locked with a special key that has to be re-forged. In order to get the key Death has to agree to help the Makers by going to the forges of fire and water and destroying the evil presences that have taken over the forges. Death successfully cleans up both of the forges and the Makers forge the key as promised.

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Upon approaching the Tree of Life however, Death finds it is blocked by corruption with tentacles and a giant yellow eye like Sauron. It turns out the makers created a huge Golem in order to help them get rid of corruption, but it was never finished. Death has to go to the unfinished Golem and retrieve three crystals in order to activate it. The third crystal is corrupted and the Golem becomes evil. Death tries to stop it, and the elder Maker sacrifices himself so that the Golem is no longer corrupted. Ironically the Golem gets destroyed when it battles the evil corrupted eye and in at the end of the battle only Death is left standing.

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Death approaches the Tree of Life and tries to put in the key, but he once again gets sucked into another dimension. As he passes through the gate we see Deaths past and how he killed Absalom and his Nephilim brethren, the visions pass and Death emerges into another land. Death has ended up in the realm of death/underworld. Death encounters a merchant waiting for him. The merchant tells Death that the Tree of Life is merely a portal, and that what Death seeks is the Well of Souls. The merchant tells Death to seek out the Eternal Throne, where he will find the King of Bones who can guide Death to the Well of Souls.

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At first the King of Bones refuses to talk to Death until he has defeated their champion. This involves going to an arena and fighting the champion, and then bringing back his skull as proof of victory. The King of Bones will only tell Death how to find the Well of Souls after Death helps him find the King’s three ghastly servant underlings.  After doing so the King finally tells Death to go to the City of the Dead, where he will find answers.

After exploring the City of the Dead Death encounters the ghost of Crowfather. Crowfather tells Death that in order to gain access to the Well of Souls he must acquire two keys to form a greater key that was split, one from the heavenly realm and one from the demonic realm. He also tells Death that the source of the corruption is Absalom, whose corrupted form now dwells inside the well of souls. In order to get the keys Death ventures to the realm of the Angels. He helps the Archon dispel the mists and monsters that have consumed the realm. The Archon tells Death to bring him his staff which has been taken to the realm of earth. The Archon cannot enter the realm of earth so he asks Death to get it for him. The Destroyer has been using the broken pieces of the staff to create his hellish minions on earth. Death ventures to earth and does bring him the staff, helping Uriel (from Darksiders 1) battle off demonic monsters. But upon returning to the heavenly realm Death discovers that the Archon himself has become corrupted. Death must kill him in order to get the archons half of the key.

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With half of the key in hand, Death returns to the ghost of Crowfather who tells him that the other half lies in the demonic realm. Death enters through the portal at the Tree of Life and steps out into the demonic realm. In this demonic realm he seeks out the fortress of The Destroyer. There are many lingering demons that Death must fight off before he manages to get to the throne room. The fortress is mostly deserted and falling apart and the Destroyer isn’t there. Surprisingly Death does find someone there…his mother (the demon who combined angel dust and demon dust to form the Nephilim). She tells him that in order to acquire the key he seeks he must venture back in the past to a time when the Destroyer hadn’t been captured, and she gives him an orb which allows him to travel back in time. Using this orb Death navigates the fortress in both the past and the present and makes his way again to the throne room.

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When he gets to the throne room in the past, Death finds the Destroyer there. The Destroyer finds Death entertaining and makes him fight in order to get the key. After a drawn out battle The Destroyer (Samael) breaks off the fight and gives him the key. Samael is interested in seeing what choice Death will make when he reaches the Well of Souls. Death uses the key and enters the Well of Souls where he finds the corrupted Absalom. They battle and Death destroys him. After this Death is faced with two options, he can either use the well to resurrect the fallen Nephilim that he killed, or he can sacrifice the Nephilim in order to restore humanity and redeem his brother War. Crowfather tells him a sacrifice is necessary. Ultimately Death chooses to sacrifice the Nephilim and dives into the Well after giving his mask to Crowfather. But that isn’t where Deaths tale ends…unfortunately it is where the game ends though.

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