Mini Ninjas Overview

Mini Ninjas is an interesting move considering its coming from the same guys who gave us Hitman ^_^. Mini Ninjas is sort of like Ninja Gaiden, but the kiddie version. The game plays pretty well on PC.  The graphics while cartoonish, but have surprisingly high requirements are quite nice and we see some nice Asian landscapes and scenery. The game overall is kind of cute. The story is straightforward, and the game helps you progress through it by giving you directions on where to go which helps a bit.

ninja 2012-03-18 03-08-49-33 by Kain243

The levels aren’t all that big to begin with, but there are some extras to be had if you take the time to run around and free all the animals from their cages, and collect all the coins and items required for buying the spells from the store. If you are more vigilant you can find secret shrines were you learn more advanced spells that you can use with Hiro (Main character). There are a lot of collectibles, but not many rewards (at least on PC). When you free/encounter another member of your party, you can switch to them whenever you want and they (3 of them) all have their own unique attributes and abilities. Hiro is the only one of the bunch who is able to use magic and the only one who is able to spirit travel and take over animals bodies. The ability to switch into an animals form is fun and can be very useful at times…like changing into a bear and romping through an enemy regiment. When you free other members of your party you can watch their introductory videos from the extras section in the main menu. I found them rather entertaining, but you can watch them yourself and decide whether you agree or not. Overall Mini Ninjas is pretty much what it sounds like, a miniature version of a larger Ninja Gaiden type game. It might seem a bit childish for an adult who plays it, but still good fun although it’s obviously designed for a younger audience.

ninja 2012-03-29 06-11-28-73 by Kain243

Here’s a video which shows all of the character introductions…I thought they were pretty entertaining:


~ by kain243 on September 11, 2012.

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