Death (Darksiders 2)

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Death is the second of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Death is very nimble, and quite agile. Death is able to scale walls much like the Prince in Prince of Persia. He wields dual scythes and can chain together very fast combos with them. Death can also use heavy secondary weapons like axes, but he isn’t as adept with them as War is. Death seeks to absolve his brother War from the crime War has been accused of. Death has a complicated history, and it is tied together with the Nephilim and Absalom. Death cannot assimilate his full Grim Reaper form for long periods of time, it is only available when he finished off a boss or when he’s using an ability. His true form looks like this:

Darksiders2 2012-08-29 23-51-08-52 by Kain243

Death is responsible for the destruction of the Nephilim, and he has fought in many battles. His personal history is explained briefly during Darksiders 2. Death became the Grim Reaper on the day that he killed the Nephilim. He killed his brothers and killed Absalom as well. Death and Absalom got into an argument over who should get Eden, Absalom felt that it rightfully belonged to the Nephilim but death disagreed. They fought and Death killed Absalom. With the death of Absalom, Death himself gave creation to corruption and the souls of Absalom and his slaughtered brothers were trapped inside an amulet that was tied to Death as punishment. It was at that moment death became the grim reaper. Death gives the amulet to Crow father during the game, but eventually death has the souls permanently burned into him as a green scar on his chest.

Death doesn’t seem bothered much by this. His quest to save his brother War from punishment at the hands of the great council continues on in spite of this. Death knows not how he is going to free his brother, but he sets off on the quest anyway. He has a loyal crow who is always nearby and who helps him during his times of need. Death hasn’t killed the crow because it has been helpful to him. The crow helps guide him on his journey. In order to absolve War, Death must navigate the worlds of Earth, Heaven, and Hell in order to gain access to the fabled well of souls.


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