Fable 3 Story

(Much like Bioware games, the individual choices you make determine much of the story…and this is just my particular version. If you’re fundamentally good, then you probably got the same story I did.)

The story once again takes place in the world of Albion, like the previous two did. This time you start off as royalty, the prince to be precise. The world of Albion has taken a big step forward technologically and it is now in the industrial age. There is civil unrest because the king is treating his subjects very poorly. After we meet our friend waiting for us in the castle garden, she tells us as much, and says we have to go to the castle. Along the way we bump into our father’s right-hand man, an old warrior named Walter who helps to train us. A riot breaks out among the populace and the king (your brother) threatens to kill the leaders of the riot. You try to intervene and stop him, but he threatens you and forces you to pick between your companion and the band of rebels. Your friend tells you to pick her, so I did.

Later that same evening, Walter comes to your room and says you are escaping. You go to an old crypt where you find the Guild seal, the family heirloom passed down through the generations and it chooses you as the new hero. You manage to escape through the sewers. It is decided that you must gather an army in order to be able to lead a rebellion against your brother. The first place you go to gather an army is a mountain village. The mountain village is slowly being destroyed by your brother’s greed. They agree to help you if you will first accomplish three things. The first thing is you must prove that you indeed a hero by retrieving an artifact your father hid under an old academy. The artifact turns out to be the music box from Fable 2, and Theresa appears to guide you along the path when you open it. It unlocks access to the Road to Rule, and you gain access to upgrades there. The second task is to defeat mercenaries who plague their city. This is easily accomplished, and you have a duel with their leader, if you choose to save him he joins your cause. The final task is to convince the next city over to give them some support and food.

This task involves convincing much the populace of the other city to trust in you as a hero and this takes a lot of work (and lots of random favors). Eventually they agree to help you after you promise to restore their city to fame, and they brand you the Hero of Brightown (name of city). The mountain city people are extremely happy and pledge to help you as well. Walter says it’s a good start but not enough, so on to the next city. We went to a special trolley type station, but the train was sabotaged by small demons called Hobbes, so we ended up journeying through the bottoms of the mines the train passes through. Along the way we fought many Hobbes, and unlocked more of the Road to Rule. The end of the mines landed us in foggy Mourningwood, full of gravestones where we helped the old Albion guard fight off a horde of hollow men. After saving their camp they pledged allegiance in return for being reinstated as the royal guard.

Next is Bowerstone. You have to gain their respect. You witness the brutality of your brother’s handiwork first hand when the head of a riot gets executed at the hands of Reaver, your brother’s major accomplice and you also meet the leader of the resistance for Bowerstone. Page agrees to help you if you can convince the populace of your true intentions, so off to do more random favors. When you have succeeded in acquiring enough followers, she decides to take on Reaver at his mansion. Reaver is hosting a masquerade and you and the Page go together, but things take a turn for the worse and you end up fighting monsters for Reaver’s entertainment while some of the leader’s men are held hostage in cages. Once you have killed all the monsters he sends at you he runs away. As soon as we exit his mansion a crier announces a message from the king. Your brother Logan has captured a leader of the rebellion, and he executes him in front of the city. Walter gets a message from the captured leader that was sent before he died. The message says that there are allies in a faraway land of Aurora. So Walter creates a distraction and we take over the docks and steal a boat. We almost make it out of the harbor when another ship shows up and blows us up.

We wake up on a strange unknown desert island, and together with Walter we explore an ancient cave where there is an evil seal protecting an evil temple. We journey through the temple, fighting off dark shadows until Walter gets captured and we have to go save him. Even after we save him however, his eyesight is taken away by the evil darkness and we leave him in the desert while we go off looking for help. After many mirages we too collapse trying to find help. We are saved by the third person who was missing from the wreckage and Walter is taken to the spirit healer in the city of Aurora. While the spirit healer helps Walter we investigate the city and find it has been ravaged by the evil darkness and they need your help. You agree to help them after you defeat Logan, Theresa says you are ready to fight Logan and take over the castle, so we get on a ship headed back for Bowerstone Castle.

Once we arrive at Bowerstone there is a huge fight against Logan where all your allies help you out. Together you fight your way to the castle and overpower your brother. Surprisingly, your brother resigns almost immediately and you become king. There is a great coronation ceremony, and then you are whisked away to the Path to Rule where Theresa tells you that the great evil you faced in Aurora is coming to take over all of Albion and you must prepare to fight them. You have the option of becoming like your brother and keeping the conditions bad as they are, or you can keep true to your promises and help the people you promised, even if you aren’t able to be as prepared as you could be. I chose to honor my promises and help the people. I didn’t execute my brother, as he granted me his allegiance against the darkness if I spared him. It turns out Theresa had been speaking to him as well, and that is why he became the evil ruler, to try to become more powerful against the darkness. You have a year to prepare for the evil darkness.

As the king I helped all of the people in Albion and became a true hero, but this came at the sacrifice of almost all of the population when the darkness showed up. There was a final battle, and the darkness took over Walter, we had to kill him in order to defeat the darkness. Theresa said that I had become an amazing ruler, and everyone else also said that I had done great things…but at the cost of my kingdom. The moral of the game was doing what’s best for the people isn’t always what’s best for the kingdom, and to ensure that things work when they have to sometimes people are going to be unhappy and you make look like a bad guy. Ultimately you have to determine whether short term happiness is better, or whether better long term benefits are worth it at the cost of instant gratification.


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