Mini Ninjas story

Far away in the distant lands of Japan, and in an ancient time obviously before ours, an evil warlord has returned and has begun building a gigantic army by turning animals scattered across japan into soldiers. The Gods are angered by the upset balance of nature and send dark brooding storms to threaten the land. The master at the ninja temple senses the disturbance in the balance of nature, and sends his ninja apprentice Hiro off to try to combat the evil. Hiro is charged with the task of searching for five of his ninja friends, and he has to save animals from their fates wherever he can. Defeating an enemy soldier causes the enemy to revert back to its animal form where it is safe.

Hiro encounters five of his imprisoned ninja friends as he journeys to defeat the evil warlord, each of his friends have their own unique abilities which can be useful. Hiro passes through many different areas, and defeats four major generals in the warlord’s army. The four generals command the elements of wind, water, earth, and ice, and Hiro must face each of the bosses for these castles in their respective elements. Hiro finds hidden ninja spells scattered around the levels and becomes more powerful because of them.

When each general is defeated, the warlord becomes angrier, and vows that the next general will be the defeat of Hiro…but they never are. Troops enter his castle bearing the remains of the general, and when the warlord sees it, he gets angry and turns the commander who brought the remains into an animal in anger.

After escaping an avalanche created by the death of the ice boss, Hiro makes his way to the castle hidden inside a fiery volcano. Upon approaching the final castle the warlord turns the entire castle into a moving giant, and Hiro must climb up through the animated castle and defeat the enemies within.

Finally Hiro reaches the top and encounters the evil warlord. There is a big fight involving lots of magic but the warlord is ultimately defeated. When the warlord is defeated, the entire castle disappears because the warlord can no longer maintain his intricate evil magic, and all of his armies scattered across the land are destroyed and all of the animals he has changed into soldiers change back. It’s unclear whether or not the final boss is actually gone because he gets swallowed up by an immense hole of darkness. With the dark brooding storms clearing up, Hiro and his friends start the long trip home and may encounter other adventures along the way.



~ by kain243 on April 17, 2012.

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