Duke (Duke Nukem)

Duke is the kind of guy you get when The Terminator mixes with Austin Powers and then accidentally trips over 007. Duke has saved earth from aliens quite a few times, and even has his own museum dedicated to his achievements on display in his condo in Las Vegas. Both women and men worship him, and he is an expert at using all forms of weaponry. His main assignments always boil down to saving the earth from invading alien forces that he usually pushes back by himself.

Even though his dialogue usually comes across as cheesy and crass, on occasion it can be entertaining. He’s almost at the superhero level with lots of humor tossed in and none of the tricky moral dilemmas that plague superheroes. Honestly as a character he hasn’t changed very much from his original persona in Duke Nukem, which was a badass who excelled at kicking alien ass… and 10 years later he’s still doing it.


~ by kain243 on April 17, 2012.

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