Driver San Francisco Story Overview


So there’s this guy named Jericho, and he’s in jail. He’s a criminal and drug-lord who is being transferred for his sentencing. He makes a deal with another person (for 30 million dollars) and happily gets into an armored vehicle while in chains. Then we switch to a yellow dodge charger and follow the story of detective Tanner who is from earlier driver games. Tanner seems wary about Jericho going to prison, so he decides to check on the armored vehicle carrying Jericho. At first everything looks fine, but then a woman with an RPG shoots the cars around them and Jericho burns through his chains by dropping acid from a pill in his mouth (rephrase) and takes over the armored truck. We give chase. The chase takes us round San Francisco for a while before Jericho hides in an alley and rams us out into the middle of a highway with ongoing traffic. A huge truck pile-drives into our car and everything goes black.

Then we have an out of body experience where we suddenly hop around a series of vehicles that ends with us driving Tanner to the hospital. It seems we are able to take over the bodies of people who are driving other vehicles. The location changes and suddenly it seems as if the car passed through the highway without getting mauled by the truck. A very shaken Tanner drives off with his partner asking him if he is ok.

After driving around for a little bit we have a revelation as to where the truck is, so we drive there, and we do indeed find the abandoned armored truck. We start looking for clues as to where Jericho went. There are more out of body experience where we hop around into other vehicles and can complete many side-quests. We head off in search of leads. By chance we manage to hop into the car of two guys being chased by the cops who happen to be associated with Jericho. We help them escape from the police and guide them to the meeting spot. We see a flash where Jones asks about Tanner, and the doctors say he is recovering.

Tanner starts putting the pieces together, and manages to convince Jones that he isn’t crazy by using his powers to stop a “reckless driver”. Tanner and Jones receive a distress call from a woman trapped in a car trunk. After chasing the car and with the assistance of Jones’s teleportation powers we eventually catch up to them and manage to free the woman. The woman is a chemical biologist named Sarah Allen, and she tells Tanner that she was abducted by a foreign woman who was driving a fancy white sports car. Tanner and Jones get tipped off on her location, and they tail her as they try to get an ID. The ID comes back and it turns out she is an incredibly expensive assassin for hire (the same one with the RPG from the beginning), and Tanner figures the only one rich enough to hire her is Jericho. They tail her to the edge of San Francisco Bridge…

Tanner and Jones get tipped off on the location of a vehicle which has a large amount of stolen platinum in it. Tanner uses his powers to ensure that the vehicle gets to the police station. In another side mission Jericho’s truck is taken to the police station for forensic investigation. In order to learn more about the platinum Tanner and Jones head to a guy who works in a factory and suddenly got a new car. Tanner hops into his car and grills him until he gives up the information about the platinum. It seems Leila (white car) was buying the platinum for Jericho.

There is suddenly an urgent call for someone to stop three rogue ammonia gas trucks on the freeway. With the help of his powers, Tanner manages to stop all of the trucks. One of their friends tells them that platinum mixed with ammonia can be a toxic weapon. Tanner and Jones are concerned that Jericho is trying to build a WMD.

Tanner and John track one of Jericho’s minions, Tanner had previously planted a bug on his car so they could listen to any voice calls. They follow him around for a while, and he does indeed call Jericho. Jericho tells him he’s a failure because he’s been in jail, and when he drives into an alley Jericho blows his car up. They see a car go screaming off that they assume is Jericho, so they catch up with him and find…that it’s not really Jericho, Jericho seems to have the same powers as Tanner. Tanner wants to clear his head and escape, but Jericho isn’t keen on letting him get away and constantly bombards him with traffic as he tries to get to safety. Tanner gets to safety and thinks things through.

Tanner decides to follow Ordell again since he is the only lead left, and we teleport into his car where we find him with (surprise) Leila. Apparently he is auditioning for a wheelman gig for Jericho. Tanner helps Ordell complete the timed race and he becomes part of Jericho’s gang. There is another mission where Ordell has to drive a mysterious man being chased by the police, we don’t know who he is yet.

Tanner takes over Ordell again as he has a new mission from Leila. Unfortunately that mission is to kill Tanner. Tanner remotely controls his car and tries to get away, but Jericho takes over Tanners body…so tanner takes over Jones’s. They lead Leila and Ordell into an ambush. Leila escapes and Ordell gets captured. Tanner and Jones later get a lead on Leila and chase her down, eventually arresting her on the Golden Gate Bridge. Tanner decides to set himself up as bait in order to get Jericho.

Tanner has a series of nightmares that involve him escaping from many Jericho’s (think Smith’s chasing Neo in Matrix Reloaded), and after escaping many times Tanner suddenly wakes up and tries to get out of bed resulting in a relapse. It is very important however because he suddenly realizes he has been in a coma. He decides to try to kill Jericho in his psyche, and after a long chase involving mental throwing of cars Tanner finally stops Jericho. Tanner then forces himself to wake up from his coma, and surprisingly succeeds. Tanner has a revelation right before he wakes up though, he realizes that the news about Jericho exploding a chemical bomb just isn’t his style, and that there is some other motivation behind this. Tanner figures out that Jericho is in fact planning a jailbreak, and the whole bomb thing is just a ruse. Tanner wakes up to find a very anxious Jones waiting for him…and even though Jones doesn’t think Tanner is quite alright he gives him the keys to a car because Tanner is sure he can stop Jericho.

Tanner takes the car and drives right into the heart of the bomb (turns out to be a smoke/dust bomb) and discovers Jericho at the heart of all of it rescuing the guy we saw from the beginning (30 mill guy). Jericho gets angry when he sees Tanner coming up and drives off. There is a final chase with no powers and Tanner chases Jericho into a warehouse. There is a confrontation in the cars high noon style, but right before they ram Jones shows up in a police cruiser and slams into Jericho stopping him. Together they head off as happy partners in search of more adventures.


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