Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

Comical, Witty, and Daring, Nathan Drake is the hero (usually) of the Uncharted series. Drake is an adventurer who has an Indiana Jones feel to him, and has the seriousness and critical thinking skills Lara Croft has…but unlike Indy and Lara…every time Drake seems to get involved with stuff, things start crumbling/blowing up around him (literally) ^_^.

Drake is an adventurer obsessed with Sir Francis Drake’s long lost legacy, and all 3 of the Uncharted games so far have revolved around Drake searching for ancient lost cities and artifacts that Francis Drake has left behind. Drake is a funny and charming main character, and although he has some thievery to his name, it’s usually for a good cause. Drake tries to avoid violence if he can, but more often than not violence seems to find him whether he wants it or not. Drake is very skilled with all kinds of weaponry, and seems to be almost as acrobatically skilled as the Prince from Prince of Persia is. Drake can climb anything that has a foothold (even if it almost gets him killed).

Not much is known about his personal history, but we see him as a teenager in Uncharted 3, pickpocketing his way around Cartagena, getting tossed out of museums by guards…until he pickpockets a very smart Sully who catches him soon after and them meeting changes both their lives forever. (Sully almost always has Drake’s back and has followed him on all of his adventures).

Drake’s compassion for his friends and his determination to see things through are both a positive and a negative…Drake rarely let’s things go. Much like Indy he spent over a decade chasing a particular amulet and ring, and even longer trying to solve the mystery held within it. Drake is extremely knowledgeable about ancient artifacts, is skilled at deciphering messages written on said ancient artifacts, and is very good at piecing puzzles together (thanks in large part to his journal). Together with his good friend Sully and usually with the assistance of an unwilling Elena, and a witty Chloe, Drake seeks out ancient ruins, ancient artifacts, and other strange things spoken of in myths. Drake often discovers his lost cities and usually finds what he is looking for…although things rarely turn out as planned.


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