Mario Kart 7 (3DS) Initial Impressions

Wow, Nintendo’s really outdone itself this time…I didn’t think that they could stick Mario Kart Wii into a handheld, but they certainly have. The graphics are incredibly good for a handheld, and the new hang-glider feature and the underwater propeller feature really add nicely to the game-play. The customizable options for the karts are pretty cool too. Nice to see a Nintendo racing portable finally get true online multiplayer, although a pity there aren’t any trophies or unlockables (as far as I know) for winning stuff (online or offline). The coins were a cool idea, but I think Nintendo should have put it a way to keep track of your stats in order to be able to see how many coins you’ve collected, lap times…etc. The 3D effect is pretty cool, there are areas which greatly benefit from the 3d (like when you complete a lap confetti starts flying all around you) and you have a much better grasp of flying with the 3D effect turned on. The 3DS runs Mario Kart very well with the 3D on, but not all of the maps benefit from the 3d (especially the GBA/SNES ones) and it runs just fine with the 3D mode off (you can easily tell where the 3D effect would have been a benefit).

So far I have only beaten two of the cups in the 50cc category, but I only started it today, and look forward to seeing what else is new. The remastered tracks from the older games look pretty sweet and there seems to be as much content in Mario Kart 7 as there was in Mario Kart DS and a great deal of stuff from Mario Kart Wii which is great.


~ by kain243 on February 18, 2012.

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