Battlefield 3 Co-op unlockables

Finally finished the Back to Karkand DLC assignments and unlocked all of the respective guns (I didn’t do these all in a single day lol), and I finally unlocked all of the co-op only guns (again, not a single day).

Unlocking the co-op guns for use with all maps and classes is relatively easy, just play the co-op levels over and over again until you reach the required amount of points :P. They aren’t actually all that difficult, but you WILL have to farm them multiple times and expect to restart the maps quite a few times as well unless you and your partner are on the same page and are communicating somehow (the co-op missions have no chat options *like at all*). The second mission involving helicopters will also make you want to tear your hair out if you have a bad pilot (I’m a bad pilot so it works both ways lol).

If you manage to make it through the co-op missions with a reliable partner (mine were all random strangers), here is a list of the weapons that you can unlock via co-op for each class:

KH2002 (17000 co-op score)
G3A3 (16000 co-op score)

SG553 (12000 co-op score)

(nada, out of luck there)

M39 EMR (58000 co-op score) (my favorite sniper rifle yet)

MP412 Rex (5000 co-op score)
MP7 (37000 co-op score)
93R (86000 co-op score)

The Back to Karkand unlockable guns is going to be in it’s own post (probably following).

As a veteran of BF2, BF:BC2 and 1942 I received access to the M911 pistol (this is for veterans only). It’s pretty cool, but I think I preferred the M1 Garand from Bad Company 2 more as an exclusive unlockable ^_^.


~ by kain243 on February 14, 2012.

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