Adam Jensen (Deus Ex: HR)

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Adam is the main character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Originally we know very little about him, other than the fact that he and Megan are very close, and that Adam is the head of the security forces in charge of protecting Sarif industries.

Very soon after Adam is introduced to us Sarif industries gets attacked by an unknown force, Adam gets fatally wounded, and Megan is taken away. Adams life is saved only because Sarif industries’ performs surgery upon him replacing his arms, legs, and chest cavity with cyborg augmentations.

Anybody else hear a fat lady singing?!

Even from the beginning, Adam is an extremely serious person, with a monotone voice and a general lack of any emotions, especially after he gets those optical glasses. Adam’s personality is analytical in nature. He always analyzes any piece of information given to him, perhaps this automatic nature comes from having served in the SWAT team. Adam makes cold and rational decisions based upon the evidence that is placed in front of him. He vows to avenge Megan and discover the basis of the attack on Sarif Industries.

As the game continues and we unlock more of Adam’s cognitive upgrades, he gains the ability to analyze his subjects using all kinds of interesting methods, he kind of has a built-in lie detector, which displays the targets heart rate, pupil dilation, breathing patterns, and other factors in order to help Adam analyze them in order to persuade them to tell him what he wants to know. Adam is very intuitive and is able to quickly piece together situations and rapidly comes to very well thought out conclusions. Often the speed of his response and the thoroughness he shows in understanding the problem at hand surprise his subjects, although as the player, how well you succeed at persuasion depends greatly on your own analytical and deduction skills.

Get to the point...or my head's gonna explode...seriously.

Throughout the use of augmentations Adam Jensen is able to expand his capabilities far beyond the reach of what any normal human would be able to do, and his personal ties with David Sarif allow him premiere access to biological content and advancements that are incredibly expensive/unavailable to others. Many people who are not augmented stand against Adam and resent him because of his cyborg parts, they fear what they don’t know/understand (human nature I guess). Some people are impressed by his augmentations and seem to be drawn to him, while the majority of people are afraid of him. Adam’s cold emotionless personality and attitude aren’t really winning him any favors it seems. Most of the people who Adam knows well in the game are people who seemed to know him long before he became part of Sarif industries, and find him interesting and often very useful towards their own ends.

Ultimately we learn that some of the biggest breakthroughs in the augmentation process were tested on DNA that was drawn unknowingly from Adam himself. Megan confesses that Adam is the first subject she’s encountered who presents such a strong and remarkable bonding pattern for the augmentations, and I now suspect that Adam is a big play on the biblical Adam, being the first person in many ways to do lots of things.

Umm eyes are up HERE.

As it stands, even though Adam appears to be cold hearted on the front, on the inside his emotional responses often lead him to sympathize with the people he encounters, and his good Samaritan nature causes him to go out of his way on multiple occasions to ensure he completes his goals properly and thoroughly. He shows incredible persistence and determination, even with the threat of constant failure and unpredictable resolutions. Given that Adam is a morally driven person, I think it’s safe to say he’ll probably always be helping people when it is asked of him, and his abilities serve him extremely well in the areas of reconnaissance and sociology/psychology…at the end of the day you can always count on Adam to do the right thing and to do what needs to be done, even if other people disagree with him.


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