Okamiden Initial Impressions

Started playing Left 4 Dead 2 again online with a friend who just jumped on the series…and I noticed a couple of things. First off, things have become far harder than they used to be. Where there used to be 1 tank like in the swamp level finale, there are now 3 tanks raising the difficulty from manageable to ridiculous. Also, why is it that when you get knocked down a pistol magically appears out of nowhere? I had a sniper rifle and an axe equipped as weapons, yet somehow, when I got knocked down, a pistol suddenly popped up O.o.

Also started playing Okamiden, it is far easier on the 3DS than it ever was on the DS Lite. Now after having used the 3DS to play older DS games I honestly don’t ever want to go back to the keypad only. The analog stick just seems to be a perfect fit for most of the 3D platforming games.

Okamiden is really fun. It’s a slightly toned down version of the much larger and older Okami…except this time everything is smaller, cuter, and a lot funnier. Instead of the goddess Amaterasu we get to play as her child Chibiterasu (chibi means tiny). There is some confusion as to Chibiterasu came into existence, but that part is largely ignored when we discover the world of Japan has once again been consumed by a great evil. The annoying (and amusing) green bug that served as our companion in Okami is hopping around the village spreading words and pictures that detail the legend of the great Amaterasu and how she saved the world in Okami with the help of Nagi.

The world itself is considerably smaller on the DS (and naturally so)…the areas are a little smaller, and there is a tiny trail of grass and flowers that pops up behind you where in the original Okami a huge patch of life surrounded Amaterasu with every jump. Some of the scenes are genuine “awww” moments, like when Chibi meets Sakuya for the first time and they fall in love (lol) and there are some truly priceless rofl moments like when Susano’s son decides to name Chibi “mutt” and Chibi rears up and has a hilarious expression, or when Susano’s son wimps out in the beginning of the first boss fight and leaves Chibi alone to face a gigantic frog….the expression on the kids face and the way Chibi reacts…priceless. Check out the video below to get an idea of what I’m talking about  🙂




Chibi has a limited amount of ink compared to his mother, and where there were full sized constellations that helped you in Okami, there are now children from the original constellations who struggle to reach Chibi which adds to the cute child factor and also to the “aww” factor. Chibi also has a child companion, the son of Susano, descendant of Nagi, called Kuni who assists Chibi along his journey. So far Kuni is a total wimp. (Chibi is pretty clueless about the things in the human world, but there’s no mistaking his genuine love of food inherited from his mother ^_^, and his good Samaritan nature)

I’ve only just finished the first real boss and acquired a few basic powers, the most recent of which was the revitalize power. If you draw a circle around a dead flower or tree, it will blossom and bloom, which gives you charisma (karma) points. Doing favors for people or defeating a boss also gains you a lot of karma, which is used to upgrade your life and ink pots. The touch screen seems to be very well optimized for the DS, it is a much smoother experience using the celestial brush than it was with the PS2 controller for Okami (The Wii version is slightly better than the PS2.) but the spells do often mess up.

So far I’ve barely started the quests into Okamiden, and I’ll keep updates on it and probably a review later on.


~ by kain243 on January 30, 2012.

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