Final Fantasy XXVII?

Ok, Final Fantasy fans are probably going to have a fit…but this is Square Enix’s fault, not mine (I’m just the messenger ^_^).

As I was wandering through Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I happened to notice this picture in the Tech Department where you go to have your optics re-calibrated:

(Obviously Square Enix thinks they’ll still be around in 2027)

Seems to be someone at SE’s idea of humor (or an early April fools joke). Or perhaps it’s confirmation that there will actually be FF XXVII….lol.

Update on Okamiden:

Chibi acquires a spell that allows you to bring all kinds of things to life by drawing a circle around it, and you get quite a bit of experience for each heal which is nice. Kind of mean for Sakuya to test poor Chibi before giving him his real mission…and side note, how the hell does Nanami manage to ride Chibi when she has no legs, and has her arms constantly crossed?! (she seems to bounce up and down on his back everytime Chibi moves)…and Kuni balancing on the tip of Chibi’s snout is really cute, although how does that work O.o?

Oh yea, and the Demon market scene was hilarious with drawing demons faces onto napkins and sneaking around amongst other demons but who honestly buys fingers, eyes, and tongues? (shudder)


~ by kain243 on January 30, 2012.

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