Resident Evil Revelations Demo Walkthrough/Review

Resident Evil Revelations Demo Review

Well…a brand new resident evil being made for a portable console that is not a port, which is fantastic. Resident Evil Revelations is an interesting new title specially designed for the 3DS. The inclusion of demos off of the Nintendo Eshop is also a new feature that was recently put in this year. I have a Zelda 3DS by the way, I posted an article about on right around Christmas last year.

It is kinda silly that Nintendo is limiting the amount of times you can play the demo. The demo itself isn’t all that big. I have a very slow internet connection where I am and I still managed to download the demo relatively quickly. It takes up about 1100 memory blocks (I have a 2 GB sd card that came with the 3DS which still has about 11,000 blocks free) and it downloaded in around 20 minutes. Back to the original point though, for some reason Nintendo decided they only wanted you playing the (very short) demo a limited number of times (in this case 30). I don’t know why they would bother limiting how many times you can play something (it’s childish). The demo itself is only about 20 minutes long at the upper end (if you are thorough and crawl along). I went through it in about 15 minutes. Side note, the last game I played that had a time limitation was Megaman X5, there was a 90 minute limit, but you could play as much of the game as you wanted ^_^.  I guess Nintendo is afraid you won’t buy the game if you play through the tiny demo 30 times….?

I’ll drop the RE: Revelations trailer right here so people will have a visual representation of the stuff I’m taking about.

Ok, straight to the review.

It says guest cabin in the intro cutscene where we find Jill lying on a bed in her suit.

We start off in a cabin. Normally I would say I have no idea where we are, but when you start the demo from the main menu it says “The Ghost Ship”…so I kinda guessed it was on a ship. The boat does not seem to be tilting or swaying back and forth (kinda odd), and the cabin we wake up in seems very reminiscent of Resident Evil 1 or 2 with the mansion setting.

Jill wakes up with a start and is very confused (as are we). Jill suddenly gets a communication from a new guy (parker). Jill tells him she thinks she is in a mansion, and he says we have to regroup and that we have to get to the bridge…so off we go.

The first thing I noticed was the stunning visuals. For a portable/handheld Revelations has incredible graphics, the graphics are easily on par with Resident Evil Remake and 0 for the Gamecube or Resident Evil 4, while the detail on jill and her suit look almost on par with Resident evil 5. Turning on the 3d slider doesn’t damage the graphics, although you definitely will notice the lack of smooth edges…the 3d effect is really cool though, like Ocarina of Time it really adds more to the scene.

The only thing that really suffers graphics-wise is the first person aiming. The gun in first person mode looks pretty bad, and the controls for aiming aren’t terribly great either.

On the plus side, the status screen that usually has to be accessed from the pause menu is now conveniently located on the lower half of the 3DS screen, and you can tap the icon of the knife or the gun to switch between them, and tapping on the knife icon allows you to select what melee weapon you want to use.

The action button has now been switched to Y (allows you to examine/search stuff), and Y is also the same button for firing the gun together with R pressed. Pressing R and B together makes Jill reload the gun.

The sound is quite impressive as well for a handheld. Far better than the sound for Deadly Silence on the DS was, even though the speakers on the 3DS look about the same, they sound way better than the DS Lite ever did.

Jill can’t seem to get the door open (because it’s locked) so we search around for the key, eventually ending up in the bathroom of the cabin. The tub seems to be full of dirty water, and draining it reveals a screwdriver. After we take the screwdriver and come out of the bathroom a monster kinda falls out of the closet.

It’s a strange monster though, nothing like the usual zombies typical of the resident evil series. It is instead a monster that sways eerily like a monster from silent hill (which makes it really hard to kill it btw) and it has a huge clam like rectangular pincer. Once you kill it the monster collapses into a puddle of blood. A direct headshot seems to kill them in one hit, but seriously good luck getting one.

Update: (monsters don’t always die even when you hit them directly in the head…maybe that was just the first one)

We use the screwdriver in order to unlock the electronic panel that is next to the door. You have to use the touchscreen in order to match up all the power points in order to unlock the door. We head outside in search of a way to get to the bridge finding stuff in drawers along the way (like ammo).Honestly it really does feel like the mansion from RE1.

In the next room down the hall we find a herb on top of a box and a shotgun (nice!). Then there is a library (with Italian writing) with two different rooms with lots of books on shelves where you encounter more enemies.

Tapping the action button doesn’t allow you to kick the door in like you could in 5 and 4. 😛

As you get hurt the blood splatters on the sides of the screen, and more appears as you get hurt more and it turns darker (cool in 3d). Tapping the A button allows you to use a herb immediately. It seems the status tab from the older games is gone, replaced by a more Call of Duty like health system o.O.

Ah, a card locked door…k off to go find the keycard. (We never seem to open the door because we never find the keycard…in the demo at least).

Then we enter a dining room with really cool fog/sand effect on the ground and a locked door with golden bars (we never enter it). Instead we go up the stairs to a special metal door with anchor on it, go in and we find a cool new item lying on the table, the Supply scanner which we can use to search areas for hidden items 🙂

You equip the scanner like a gun, and you have the scanning reticle. You can use the supply scanner to scan enemies as well. Scanning an enemy adds to the percentage number at the top of the scanning screen, but I have no idea what it unlocks, I managed to hit 100% scan once and some item appeared in my inventory but I died the second it did so I don’t know what it was >.<.

We get to the top of the stairs in the dining room and enter a room which has two broken showcases in them with elaborate plates and vases. We find a guy with blood sucked out…hmmm. We also get introduced to grenades and learn how to use them. There is a new monster in the room at the top of the dining room that looks like a zombie from half life O.o.

I tried to shoot one of the plates/vases for fun and…damn those are some hard plates and vases, they don’t break even when you shoot them with bullets O.O

Beyond that there is a hallway with yet another new zombie who has double pincers instead of just one like the others, and it is much quicker than the other zombies are.

Once you manage to make it past that monster you enter an elevator and Jill is greeted by Parker, who says we must hurry to the bridge.

The next room contains a locker room where you can open lockers (mostly full of clothing) and many are smashed in, but you can find stuff in some of them like bullets and herbs.

We follow Parker to the bridge in order to contact HQ, but the bridge is completely deserted, and then there is a cutscene where the tugboat you used to come in on (apparently) blows up, leaving them stuck on board the bigger boat which has fried and sparking electronics in the bridge. Then all of a sudden a new guy with a red cap jumps out and grabs jill. Jill kicks him and manages to get free, but he pulls a gun and shoots towards jill and parker. We wonder what the hell is really going on. Just then the demo ends and you get a thanks for playing screen

Overall I would say that Revelations seems to be a rather interesting new game, and it is definitely a turning point in showing how powerful the 3DS truly is. There seems to be quite a lot of new content, and the return of older characters makes it interesting for fans of the original series who want to learn more about what happens between RE4 and RE5. The controls seem to work pretty well (although they aren’t perfect). The advertised extra control pad might make a huge difference for those willing to put up with the extra bulk. So far it is the first in a hopefully long series of demos which showcases what the 3DS can do as a new system.


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  1. There was a keycard in the closet, after you kill the zombie-like thing.

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