Battlefield 3 Assignments

The inclusion of Battlefield 3 assignments is a unique piece of DLC that was given to members who bought the Back to Karkand expansion (I bought the limited edition so I got it free). I don’t know if regular users who don’t have the expansion get access to the guns and maps from the expansion (I’d guess not).

There are 10 guns taken from Battlefield 2 that have been remodeled and remastered for use in Battlefield 3, as well as the remastered maps taken from BF2 (and boy are they different). Here is a picture of the different assignments and the weapons (you normally get this screen at the end of each round before you get your stats) and it shows you how far you have progressed in unlocking a particular gun.

Here are the guns that can be unlocked, and the details for unlocking them (with commentary), so I guess it might be more like a mini walkthrough ^_^. I’ll start with the basic gun, and then go to the elite gun for that category, and I’ll try to put in a screenshot of each weapon in game.

Assignment: Best Friend Forever

Gun unlocked: FAMAS

Requirements: 10 Heals and 10 Revives

This is the easiest gun to unlock, all you have to do is join a random game, play as assault and drop some med kits and revive some teammates (you have to unlock the defib pack tho).

Here’s what the FAMAS looks like:

Assignment: Professional Russian

Gun unlocked: L85A2

Requirements: 100 kills with Assault Rifles

20 kills with underslung grenade launcher

Win 5 rounds of SQDM

Honestly, this was one of the hardest guns to unlock because I absolutely suck at SQDM, and my team rarely won. I just got luck with this because I happened to find a server which ended the round after 5 kills instead of 25/50 which made it SO much easier (and faster), the grenade launcher has to be unlocked as well.

Here’s what the l85A2 looks like:

Assignment: Fixing It

Gun unlocked: G53

Requirements: 10 repairs and Kill 1 enemy with Repair torch

This one was pretty easy, for the repairs just hang around a tank/atv and wait till it gets damaged…and for the repair torch kill, just run around hardcore maps till you find a sniper camping somewhere and flame him out ^_^, I managed to do it at least once in 3 rounds.

Here’s what the G53 looks like:

Assignment: It Goes Boom!

Gun unlocked: QBZ-95B

Requirements: 50 AT rocket kils

Destroy 1 enemy vehicle with repair torch

Win 5 rounds of Conquest

For the first req, just spawn as the engineer and spam rockets (sigh) It’s really cheap, but it’s really the only way to do it quickly. As for the enemy vehicle kill….just jump in a tank on hardcore and wait until the tank gets into a fight with another vehicle, in the middle of the battle sneak out behind the enemy vehicle and flame them till it explodes, usually they don’t even notice till it’s too late XD. The conquest shouldn’t be too difficult, I always play conquest so it wasn’t for me.

Here’s what the QBZ-95B looks like:

Assignment: Let It Rain

Gun unlocked: QBB-95

Requirements: 20 kills with Light Machine Guns, and 2 mortar kills

No real challenge here, the hardest part of it for me was leveling up to unlock the mortar gun, once you’ve unlocked it just spam shells at any enemy encampment or an outpost being captured by enemies (there might be some friendly fire issues ^_^)

Here’s what the QBB-95 looks like:

Assignment: Keep Your Head Down

Gun unlocked: MG36

Requirements: 100 kills with light machine guns

50 suppression assists

50 ammo resupplies

This one honestly was the most difficult one for me to get, because I absolutely suck at suppression assists. Suppression assists are where you fire at an enemy who is pinned down by other fire, and then have a teammate kill the enemy (I never aim to miss lol). The quickest way I got this gun was to find a metro map with 1000 spawn limit, and then just get near one of the elevators/steps and start unloading a machine gun at the top of the steps, you can also get the ammo resupply ribbon and the 100 kills easily on this map. I got this in 1 round there.

Here’s what the MG36 looks like:

Assignment: SPECOPS

Gun unlocked: QBU-88

Requirements: 20 kills with sniper rifles and 5 laser designations

The 20 kills was easy enough to accomplish, but I had no idea how to get laser designations. Turns out you have to unlock the soflam first, and then you have to track moving enemy vehicles until it locks on. This is a really interesting sniper rifle, it’s the fastest firing sniper rifle I’ve seen in a Battlefield game (short of the AS Val).

Here’s what the QBU-88 looks like:

Assignment: Creeping Death

Gun unlocked: L96

Requirements: 50 Headshots, 50 spot assists, and 5 knife takedowns

This gun can be unlocked across other classes too, but the spot assists have to be from a Recon class. You need to use the motion sensor, or once you have unlocked the MAV it becomes really easy to get spot assists (the spot assists button on PC is Q btw). The knife takedowns sounds challenging, but it really isn’t. To get knife kills easily you just sneak up behind an enemy outpost and start stabbing :). The L96 is a slow bolt action rifle, but it is very accurate and usually is a 1 hit KO.

Here’s what the L96 looks like:

Assignment: Familiar Territory

Gun unlocked: PP-19

Requirements: Arm 10 MCOMS

Capture 10 flags

Play 2 hours on Karkand

The first two requirements really aren’t hard if you play a couple rounds of conquest and rush. The 2 hours isn’t all that difficult either, just find a Back to Karkand map and play on it for a few rounds 🙂

Here’s what the PP-19 looks like:

Assignment: Scarred Veteran

Gun unlocked: MK3A1 (AKA Jackhammer)

Requirements: 10 kills with PP-19,

5 kills in DPV jeep

10 kills in BTR-90 IFV

Play 2 hours on Sharqi

Play 2 hours on Gulf of Oman

Phew, ok…this one was by far the hardest for me, mostly because it took me forever to figure out where to find the DPV jeep (it’s the jeep with the wheel tacked on the side, the one from BF2). The only place I managed to find it was on the Gulf of Oman map, and even then it’s always at the enemy spawns so you have to sneak in and grab it. Just be warned that once you get into it you have a gigantic crosshair on you and you’ll probably get killed within minutes of getting into it, so I suggest you hop on the machine gun and start shooting everything you see before they manage to kill you first.

Here’s what the MK3A1 looks like:

And that’s the end of the unlock-able guns for Back to Karkand expansion, now you also know how to get them.


~ by kain243 on January 27, 2012.

4 Responses to “Battlefield 3 Assignments”

  1. My brother loves MG36 the moment he unlocks it.

  2. Thanks so much for the tips! I’m currently going for the MK3A1.

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