Gabriel Belmont (Castlevania)

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(Bonus) Gabriel in Mirror of Fate HD:

Gabriel Belmont is the main character in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. He is currently the oldest canonical Belmont in the game series although he’s probably not the first Belmont. He has an almost Kratos level quest for vengeance for the murder of his wife. Gabriel ventures into legendary lands untold and faces truly unholy monsters in his ventures.

As he is a member of the Brotherhood Gabriel wields the Vampire Killer cross and is kind of obligated to seek out evil and banish it but his reasons are personal and he just happens to destroying evil along the way. He is the melancholic hero who seems somewhat suicidal in his quest for revenge and the truth. Honestly you just feel sorry for him, and as Hideo Kojima had a hand in this game perhaps he influenced Gabriel as a character.



Dracula (Castlevania)

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Mirror of Fate HD:

Castlevania anime:

Dracula (Castlevania)

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Over the years Dracula has appeared about every century or so to wreak vengeance and destruction on humanity for their sins. Not coincidentally every century a Belmont descendant is called upon to venture into Dracula’s castle and defeat him. His castle is the stuff of wonders and there are scientific feats hidden in the castle which surpass anything mankind has seen before. Dracula has enlisted the help of the legendary Toymaker to create horrific abominations to serve his bidding. There are plenty of demons wandering around his halls on top of the abominations to ward off any unsolicited intruders.

I don’t actually know what the real origin story of Dracula is in Castlevania. He has always been the designated nemesis of the Belmont clan in the series. From the way that he talks and is portrayed in the classic Castlevania games he is portrayed to have a deep distrust and disdain for humanity as a whole…for things that happened to Dracula in the past because of humans. In the Castlevania anime humans hated him and killed his human wife in a not so fun manner.

The closest thing we have to his origin story in the games is Lords of Shadow 1, Lords of Shadow 2, and Mirror of Fate HD. There is a very significant event that takes place in Lords of Shadow 1 that perhaps sets the whole ball rolling but it’s not entirely confirmed. The event takes place during the Reverie DLC. If you have played the DLC for Lords of Shadow 1 or have the Ultimate edition you will probably be familiar with it. I suspect the events in this DLC lead to the creation of what will later become Dracula. Mirror of Fate HD shows the descendants of Gabriel and time-line wise probably the first appearance of Dracula. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about his origins though.

Dracula reminds me just a bit of Vorador from the Legacy of Kain series, they have somewhat relate-able pasts (in that they are both very ancient vampires and have suffered a lot at the hands of humans). In Lords of Shadow 2 he also reminds me of Kain from Blood Omen 2, as their stories are also kind of similar (like how they both awoke after an extremely long time to find the world completely changed around them).

He seems to be one of the only vampires that has proven impossible to completely kill (although I’ve got some theories on exactly why it is Belmont’s are unable to completely destroy him) . Sooner or later he is resurrected. From what I can tell he doesn’t exactly care he is rather melancholic in nature and he seems to be pretty unhappy with his curse, like he doesn’t really want to be resurrected. His armor looks remarkably familiar…

Trevor Belmont (Mirror of Fate HD)

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Trevor Belmont is the son of Gabriel (Lords of Shadow) who was conceived and born unbeknownst to Gabriel. As a baby he was taken away by the Brotherhood (of steel jk) and trained to become the vampire hunter that his bloodline needed him to be. When Dracula appeared Trevor went off to face him but was never heard from again, eventually Simon would venture off on the same journey and in doing so discover his fate.

Many of the powers that Trevor has in this are reminiscent of some of the powers that Gabriel had in Lords of Shadow (in particular the light and shadow gem powers). Before Trevor left to face Dracula he gave Simon the Mirror of Fate shard, and he was a bit stubborn ignoring warnings from what seems to be fate itself.

Simon Belmont (Mirror of Fate HD)

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After Gabriel in Lords of Shadow, Simon is (from what I can tell) 3rd generation Belmont. We don’t know yet who the first Belmont was but Gabriel is as far back as we have gone. Simon is the son of Trevor but had to flee his home with his mother when it was attacked by demons.

Trevor had earlier ventured off to kill Dracula but disappeared so Simon kind of got drafted right into the “what a terrible night for a curse” business. His style is a bit more rudimentary and cruder but he certainly has the demon hunting part down. He wears the Mirror of Fate given to him by his father as a keepsake not knowing its true powers.

I wonder if this is the same Simon from Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest…

Alucard (OTY)

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Castlevania: Mirror of Fate HD


Hellsing edition

Castlevania Anime:


Alucard (Castlevania)

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Alucard is usually known as the son of Dracula. Dracula fell in love with a human and Alucard was the result. In the Castlevania storyline however (Mirror of Fate), Alucard is the son of Gabriel Belmont who went off to defeat Dracula but failed. He was then resurrected by Dracula and became the very evil his bloodline served to destroy. He is quite proficient with swords (but has an unholy vampire killer whip as well).

Unlike Dracula he does not harbor a hatred for humans and he usually is found trying to prevent Dracula from enacting some sinister plan to wipe out all humans. He shares many of the same powers Dracula has, but he also has unique powers of his own (like the mist form which Legacy of Kain fans might remember). His Hellsing persona is somewhat less fond of humans.